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I am seeking and soliciting advice from anyone who could help me. I have been one of the content writers of the Buyer, a Warrior member, who had unjustly filed a claim in PayPal on the following grounds:

·Providing plagiarized content. The payments made by his clients could say otherwise.
·Spinning articles. When he had asked for an original content. I believe that the payments and the commendations provided by his clients say otherwise.

With the foregoing, the Buyer had

·Filed a claim on Paypal. Asking for more than a hundred dollars for providing plagiarized articles.
·Not paid the remainder of the articles,which I had rendered during August

I had checked whether or not his clients had used and posted the articles I had provided. To date, I highly doubt that his clients regard the articles I had rendered to be of "low quality" as I have seen them posted on their websites and article directories on an "as-it-is" basis.

With this, I sincerely ask for your advice. I basically have his username in this forum but defer to divulge such as I am still hoping that he would act according to logic and reason.

·What remedies could Warrioroffer?
·Could there be ways on how could I get paid accordingly as his clients are also members of this forum?
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    question #1: Is there any merit to his claims?

    Are the articles duplicated content from somewhere else? If not - provide Paypal with the articles and show them that they are original.

    On the other hand - if they are duplicated from somewhere else - give him his money back.

    That's my 2 cents worth.
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    • Winebuddy,

      Thanks for the fast response. I made all the articles provided: and I could completely prove that they are all original. I had not used any software in writing those articles, as I could not even afford to purchase one.

      I have escalated the claim to PayPal as I am not willing to refund what is rightfully mine. I do not know how long could the resolution could last.

      Could I report the Buyer should he had not done anything to resolve this?

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