planning on using hostgator baby plan (prosper202)

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planning to use hostgator baby plan with cpvlab or prosper202 and i want your advice
i'm not planning on driving sooo many traffic for now, this is just starting!
any advice???
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    Prosper202 isn't compatible with HostGator shared hosting. As said here, it's only allowed on dedicated servers and Snappy 2000 VPS plans or higher.

    In the CPVLabs knowledge base, they say this about hosting-

    -CPV Lab works best with VPS and dedicated hosting. We do not recommend the use of shared hosting such as HostGator.

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    Don't even consider shared hosting for a second for a tracker. Besides not being able to install these programs on most shared hosting, if you find one you can install it on, you will get shut down by the hosting company when you actually get any traffic. These are very resource intensive.

    Get a VPS. Tracking will make you back the cost of the VPS very quickly. I use CPVLab, but if you are short on money, start with Prosper and spend your money on a VPS.
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    Get hosting with the tomorrow in your mind. You might need more bandwidth etc. sooner than you think and nothing is more annoying than having to migrate everything to a new host. I have just done that. I have been with hostgator for many years and I dreaded moving. But I have done it now as I had so many new requirements. Take your time to make a decision and make a wise decision, not a hasty one based on trying to save a few bucks to start with. Best, Christina
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    I wouldn't even bother.. step up to a VPS.. you'll thank yourself.. I did a basic test a while back with ppv traffic and almost 50% of the traffic was lost with shared hosting (on hostgator) compared to a vps
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