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I've been on the site for a while, and have recently entered the world of affiliate marketing. I like the health and wellness field, and set up to promote a product called

I found that has an affiliate help site, starting with Lesson 1 – Setting Up Your Blog and Getting Started. It seems like it might supplement info I have from the War Room.

So far it's fairly basic, but I am picking some tips. However, it's dated early 2011, so I am wondering if the information is relevant, or if there is more more current info I should be following.

Have the strategies and information changed that much over the past 4 years? Are there other books, sites, or videos that would be more relevant?
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    Well. The concept of affiliate marketing itself remains the same. But yes there's a lot of tips & tricks have been evolving in the last 4 years to gain your success in this field.

    You have your War Room access. Explore it!

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    In Layman's Terms... all marketing (including affiliate marketing) boils down to your ability to communicate some form of offering (i.e. solution, remedy, service, whatever...) and YOUR JOB is to know; Who that audience is, How to speak to them, and What to offer them...

    If you are building a bridge, and know that it will get people from one point to another, you had better make sure you know what rests on the other side... is something they need, want, or desire.

    Thus, YOU need to dig into their minds, their needs, and their desires... once you know them and their needs... building the bridge becomes much easier. The hard part, is taking time away from your own vision... and building a bridge they will appreciate, use, and travel on frequently.

    If you can't figure out if the products you've chosen to build with are worthy... How will you ever build a sturdy bridge?
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    The information is still relevant.

    Some other new informations were added.

    But the ones you read are still useful and can be your starter guide.
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    The core concepts of effective affiliate marketing remain the same:

    - Generate targeted traffic.

    - Convert that traffic into sales.

    However, many specific traffic strategies have changed since then.

    For example, Facebook advertising has changed a lot over the last few years, with stricter rules on what kind of ads you can link to (and more ad options in terms of format).

    As for the conversion side of things, email marketing is still profitable when done right.

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    Awesome. thank you all for those thoughtful and quick replies. Will keep at it...and I'm headed back to the war room to look for some nuggets.
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    The basics are the same and always will be the same.. but some stuff changes over time.. for example, since 2011 trackers have come a long way.. years ago they were only able to track the basics, now they seem to track almost too much (although too much is still sometimes not enough)
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    yeah most likely you find. The fundamentals will always be the same even for ranking and getting seo traffic. How does your websites convert?

    Your site for example! Are you building yourself a lead base? I see you have an opt in which is good but are you converting?

    The other thing to ask is your affiliate product or service. Does that convert? You want to know its earnings per clicks and this will tell you if it converts and how well it converts. This is important. Your traffic if its targeted can begin to work for you now and by having your own website or landing page (funnel) you will do tens times better than direct linking also your will make much, much more money cause you can get much better conversions through your own funnel than direct linking to the affiliate offer. HUGE MISTAKE TODAY Thats why most people give up cause it take around twice three even four times the traffic to get the conversion when direct linking when everybody is using the same traffic sources. We the marketers today I feel need to give our prospects a reason to buy from us and not one of the other 10,000 other affiliates
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