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who would be the best gurus in the make money online niche to follow on facebook
#guru #mmo
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    Why in the world would you want to follow some guru? Or are you compiling data?
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    Just compiling data Brent

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    If you want to compile data you're better off doing a simple google search.
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    goorooss? Well, Mat Bacak, Alex Jeffreys, Ryan Deiss are a few who some have denoted as goorooos.
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    Frank Kern


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    I would add Anik singal to that list ,He posts some high quality content on his facebook page

    also Neil Patel
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    God I hate the term GOOROO, sounds so ridiculous


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    All you do by following gurus and by the way half off them are rip off mechants.
    dont be taken in with the " I will make you a millonare in so many days crap."not goimg to fill you with false promises.
    do your research see what reviews they have been given this will get you someone whos going to teach you the proper methods and not leave you high and dry.
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    I'm not sure what you're looking for exactly, but you may be better off doing a FB search for marketing, business and MMO groups than individual people.
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