How to acquire e-mail address when selling e-book?

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Hi Warriors,

I've recently begun the process of selling my ebook on photography. Here's one thing I'm struggling with when it comes to my landing page:

I can't think of a process of capturing the info of people who don't end up purchasing the ebook directly. Since I'm using paid advertising, that is resulting into a waste of money for me.

So how can I do this? One option would be to give some free chapters in exchange for the ebook, but then wouldn't that also do away with the people who would have purchased it immediately?

I'm in a kind of a dilemma here. Any suggestions or techniques for this?

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    you could try putting an exit popup on your site/sales page ....those who leave the page without purchasing will see the exit pop .with some kind of offer or freebie in exchange for their email address.

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    Thanks, that's a great suggestion!
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    Don't be afraid to give people something for free. Trust me, you will get their email address and they will get to know you so you will have plenty of opportunity to sell to them later on.
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    I think you have it. Its all about optimizing. Maybe just the first chapter or something and do it in a way that directs them to picking up the full book for this one time price right now today. 2% or less of your paid traffic or even free traffic is going to buy on the first visit. It takes somebody seeing your name and offer 5 to 15 times before they are ready. Thats why if your not building a list your leaving so much money on the table.
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    Yep as others have said or inferred give them a little taste of Value upfront. You will be spinning your wheels if you do not collect email information from them.

    And as EL pointed out it can take multiple times thru email contact before they decide to buy

    - Robert Andrew
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    One other idea can be to put your ebook on Amazon (if you're not already doing this) and using the "Look inside" feature as a lead generation.

    What this means is that you can have a nice coupon inside your book, preferably after the cover and/or the Table of content. You can offer, as suggested, a free report, or some chapters from your book.

    You will probably capture both free subscribers and buyers but you can segment your list afterwards (if you're using Aweber, check your List Automation).

    As an example, you can check this process on this book: Running Tips: Ready To Run! ( Running Tips: Ready To Run! (Improve...

    Hope this helps!

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  • I think giving freebies is the key for you to increase the number of people who sign up to your list. You can make the content really good and add a teaser in the end for them to purchase the complete content plus additional content along with the ebook.

    People always love free stuffs as long as it covers topics they really want. Don't be afraid to give more as it is the key to getting the trust and interest of your audience.

    Hope it helps!
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    Page one landing giveaway, and give alot make it desirable, with optin once opted in have page two an unadvertised free bonus of more free stuff, then direct them to your sales page....if they dont buy, you have there email and they will like you as you provided them with a ton of information. If your stuck for content just google free PLR content.

    Hope that helps,
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    Give a free ebook so that they will sign up.
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    Thanks everyone. I put up an exit intent popup giving away two free chapters from the book and ive started to get a fair amount of leads. Will try the other methods too.
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