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Hi, i have written a eBook on GDM (diabetes which affect women in pregnancy) which I want to lunch. Just want some advice which section of the warrior is best to put the info about my lunch.

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    I'm sorry if it sounds condescending, I'm really not trying to, but clicked on your thread because it said "lunch ideas" and I am quite hungry and thought I'll get meal ideas...

    You mean "launch, right? In that case, my personal thought is that giving the niche you're in, Warrior Forum might not be the best place to monetize it.

    Have you considered publishing it on Amazon (or other self publishing websites)? A great website to gain exposure to your book, once it's published is BookBub.

    Hope this helps
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    Lobster tails.... yummy. I take it your selling the ebook? Have you thought about maybe giving a part of it away to work on building a list while at the same time offering them the full version at a special one time price. Now your building a buyers list on the front end which is extremely powerful.

    Before launching your product I would do a little backend testing myself first and getting it to the point of converting and making a return. For me a lot of time I need to adjust or optimize my material for the actions that I want to be taken. Playing with the numbers!
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    The free giveaway is pure gold for ya.

    Launching 124 eBooks - OK 1 at a time - and 5 day freebie windows boost downloads, 5 star reviews and exposure. I go with Amazon but independent of the network, give it away for a week or 2 to get the word out there. Create a buzz. Not that you need to. But doing so makes you feel abundant, and your readers will appreciate your generosity, and of course all this sweetness will flow back to you in an awesome way.

    Note; ask for the download and positive review. Attract raving customers. Leave the unclear folks behind. Build a fan-base and future sales for eBooks you're currently writing.

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    Hi Thanks point taken for spelling mistake.

    Everyone, thank you very much for all the helpful tips. The way I am trying to set the funnel is give a free report on diabetes for exchange of e-mail address. The main book has 3 free bonuses which they can keep for free if they feel the book is not right for them and they want refund. The upsell has 500 recipe book with 5 other bonuses. Downsell 1 has 3 bonuses and downsell 2 is main book with discount of $20.

    Planning to give main book to first 10 customers on my diabetic page on FB free. I will keep all your tips in mind and will look into Amazon as well. Thanks once again

    Hi, My name is Rita and I am Entrepreneur. My niche is health & fitness. Check my blog out.Health is Wealth - http://www.infotemplegoodhealth.blogspot.com

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    Just wondering, but does these products come with any rights such as PLR or MRR? Because if so... the WSO section (Marketplace) would be a great way to sell them. People like me are suckers for MRR and PLR products no matter what niche.

    But I highly agree with "ryanbiddulph". This is a great why to launch a new product and get your name out there if you are new to this. All the best...
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    Do not just stop here on the forum.

    Join Facebook groups and some of the launch board websites have forums. Reach out to others in your niche that would be happy to offer them to their followers/subscribers.

    Good luck.


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    Why not launch it in clickbank ? That is a great marketplace for health related offers...
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    Hi Thanks everyone for the tips. Sorry daniel27lt these books does not have PLR or MMR. As this
    is my first eBook in the future might take this route.

    Hi, My name is Rita and I am Entrepreneur. My niche is health & fitness. Check my blog out.Health is Wealth - http://www.infotemplegoodhealth.blogspot.com

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