Is it easier to sell 10000 products at 10$ each or 100 products at 1000$

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Recently I had a discussion with my friend who is also an internet entrepreneur about what the easier way of making 100k online is?

Is it easier to sell 10000 products at 10$ each or 100 products at 1000$ each?

Is it easier to find 10000 people who will buy product priced at 10$ or to find 100 people who will pay 1000$ each?

Which one is the faster way of making 100000 dollars?
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    That is totally dependent on the Marketer, the Products, Niche etc..

    There is no straight forward, general answer to this ')

    - Robert Andrew
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    It's easier to sell more quantity with a lower price.

    People are always looking for products with lower price.

    But yeah, I agree that it also depends on the marketing strategy.
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    Why not both?

    That's the beauty of having a funnel, you get to tackle into both types of buyers.

    If you're having great products and ideas you can sell a great product for $10 and then through upsells get the fewer people who'd pay $1000 for an intense private tutoring session with you.

    That's just an example and the price gap is a bit too wide but I think you get the picture.
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    Many factors come into play - such as:
    * Demographics
    * Psychographics

    And a plethora of others. Grease some elbow and find them.
    I love getting in trance just by hearing you talk
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    As Katrim said, if you have a proper sales funnel then you can make the $1000 upsell to some of the people who bought your $10 product.

    In general though, this question can't be answered easily. It really depends on what your strength is. If you are great at generating massive traffic but have no idea how to make great products and sell them, then selling dinky little $10 products will be easier for you.
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    Like Robert said, it all depends on a wide variety of factors.

    Another factor is how you define "easy", which again will change for every person.

    Which is why topics like this make for long, sometimes contentious, conversations.

    I once had a fishing buddy that could and would argue with me passionately for hours on just about any topic. A stranger eavesdropping would swear that we were mortal enemies sometimes. On days where the fish weren't biting, those long debates still made for a fun day on the water.
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    Originally Posted by ANDREIS View Post

    Recently I had a discussion with my friend who is also an internet entrepreneur about what the easier way of making 100k online is?

    Is it easier to sell 10000 products at 10$ each or 100 products at 1000$ each?

    Is it easier to find 10000 people who will buy product priced at 10$ or to find 100 people who will pay 1000$ each?

    Which one is the faster way of making 100000 dollars?
    First, easy...I agree with another poster, what is easy?

    Here are food for thought Case Studies:

    William Wrigley.
    GUM. Penny, then a nickle. Made BILLIONS.

    So, yes, sell to the masses at low prices, IF there is DEMAND.

    Ben Suarez. EdenPure Heaters.
    A billion dollars in sales @ approx. 300 bux each.
    So, sell higher priced items to the masses, only a selection of the masses.

    Then Elon Musk. Co-founder of PayPal (for starters).
    Provided a service (paying for goods on line) to millions and took a small % of each transaction.

    You could sell low if there is demand and repeat business.
    You could sell high (or much, much higher) to select groups or individuals.

    You could set up a TOLL BOOTH (like PayPal) and collect a small fee on every transaction.

    For the ONE man band, a long term strategy which has worked for many of us is...

    to incorporate all models

    into the long term and let each do its part for your bottom line.

    In my case, I've had 1 dollar HOTSHEETS, which have sold like donuts at a police convention and 1,000 buck deals sold to a select group. And, have collected a TOLL on work done several years ago by leasing some Intellectual Property rights.


    whatever works for you...carry on!

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    Hey Bud,

    Much easier selling fewer big ticket items. I recently seen a biz opp called aspire with 60 revenue streams and big ticket stuff as well, google it, take a look.

    Hope that helps,
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    It depends on what you're clear on, Andreis.

    Big ticket items sell. Small ticket items sell. Inside-out game though. Because if you get clear you defy logic.

    Example; I wrote a ton of eBooks. Gave 'em away for 99 cents. Did not sell many. Then I bumped it to 2.99, and still sold few. Then I got clear on charging $9.99 on an intuitive nudge. I saw benefits versus price. I've lived a neat life and share value freely and brand me kinda well, so 9 smackers made sense.

    Of course, I sold many more eBooks at 9 smackers - ok almost 10 - because I got clear on the price, and naturally, as the perceived value of my eBooks rose so did sales. Folks love paying top dollar for something they perceive to be valuable. But that clarity thing is your gig, your game.

    How can you get clear? I can't explain it; it's an inner feeling. I always charge a premium to what folks in my niche generally charge for products and services, sit with the uncomfy feelings until I get clear, and feel OK, and proceed. That's my weird approach to selling

    Consider this; how valuable do you feel your offering is? Work on that question and you'll sell big or low ticket items with ease as you get clearer and clearer Andreis.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Depends on your product and how good it is , you cant charge big money for a product that looks like a 7$ product , start off small pricing then create a funnel were you can lead up to teaching or a video coarse and charge a lot off money thousands
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    depends on its perceived value ... compare high ticket products to regular one
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  • Hmm it depends on your market. If you are looking at top businessmen and merchants who want a useful tool to make their life easier, a good product with an expensive price might just be saleable (and yep, it depends on your marketing strategy).

    However, if you are only targeting the common market, then a cheaper-priced product is most likely the one to be purchased by these people.
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    You can sell One product at $1 billion and retire on the beach sipping margaritas.

    'I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'
    -Muhammad Ali

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    Hi! Nice question! I made that one to my self many times in the past, and in my personal opinion I think is "the same". It's like asking "which is heavier a ton of gold or a ton of paper", obviously a TON is a TON, but the fact that we relate gold with such a heavier material in comparative with paper, makes you double check before answering. This is the similar,$1,000 its $1,000 and like some other warriors are telling, it all depends of the marketer, the niche and the customers. To be honest I like to stay in the middle, neither $1, not $1,000. Its at depends of your goals, there isn't a faster way to make $100k in my opinion ( but in the case you just happen to have 1 million dollars sitting somewhere .... some people just have 1 mil in some Bank, at at the end of the year they made 100k for having the back "play" with their money ) if that's not the case... you haven't told us your time goal for those 100k, but lets suppose its a year or more, right? The Best way you can get to those 100k its to making your first $1's , find out which business works better for your, CPA offers can pay you $2 or $3 just for a sing up, or you can try to sell Forex Products or similar, which goes for over $300 in commissions ( I'm not a big fan of forex and forex robot but you can try yourself ). You can try free promotion methods, or create PPC / PPV campaigns if you know what you are doing and you have some money to invest, if you choose that way it suppose to turn into a math business, that would be, you invest $20 you generate $150, you invest $40 you generate $300.... What ever road you choose, the 100k goals its an exited one! Wish you the best! and I hope my comment helps you
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    It depends on the individual marketing skills. You might be good in $10 product but suck in $1000.
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    Start with the lowest price. It does the trick. or you can use discounts like 50% off, or a buy 1 take 1 promotion or buy this get this freebies.
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    Originally Posted by ANDREIS View Post

    Which one is the faster way of making 100000 dollars?

    You'll never find out asking such a question on this public forum. First of all, very, very few people here have ever made $100,000 online so they can't tell you from personal experience.

    Second, and very obviously, no two markets or marketers are alike. So their selling experience is going to be unique and the skill sets, resources, and abilities will not be the same as those that a different marketer possesses.

    Third, does it really matter? What someone else has done is not applicable or any indication of what you or anybody else can do. So it doesn't matter in the least which method someone else finds easier since your own experience will be different without question.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    That is a really good question. The top internet marketers would tell you it is a combination of all price points. sales funnels building on each other.$10 commissions = 80 sale per month,$100
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    Most successful internet marketers might submit it is a combination of all price points organised in a sales funnel. Free product = opt in $10 commissions = 80 sales per month
    $100 commissions = 20 sales per month
    $1,000 commissions = 5 sales per month
    $2,500 commissions = 1 sale per month ends up being $10,300 in a month. The time it takes to get there really depends what and who you are marketing to.
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    In the internet marketing world selling a eBook for $10 is one thing but people would expect a lot more from a $1000 product. At least I certainly hope they would. When people pay that kind of money thei standards and expectation will be much greater. I personally think if you have the skill and the level of expertise to charge $1000 why not do that, honing your skill initially is also valuable. As you gain more experience it's probably a question you could answer for yourself.
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    I would say you need the same amount of energy/time/commitment/knowledge to sell a 1000$ product as you need for a 10$ product, therefore I would go for the 1000$ product. Christina
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    Originally Posted by ANDREIS View Post

    Recently I had a discussion with my friend who is also an internet entrepreneur about what the easier way of making 100k online is?

    Is it easier to sell 10000 products at 10$ each or 100 products at 1000$ each?

    Is it easier to find 10000 people who will buy product priced at 10$ or to find 100 people who will pay 1000$ each?

    Which one is the faster way of making 100000 dollars?
    Honestly.... the real question should be something like this, "Is it easier to take care of my family financially, never work again, have a great life, and make a great income online with just $2,000/month?"
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      Certainly it's $1000 but the question is ..can you sell that without selling $10 ...
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    it depend if you sell a crappy product at 10$ or 1000$, good luck with that

    if you have a unique product that solve a problem that help desperate people, the price is not an issue

    think big, and you will go big

    when i first started, i sold tons of products on dimesale/7$/10$/17$ ;
    when i started to sell 100$ and 300$ IM products, i started to make enough money to leave my job
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    The correct answer is...

    It depends.

    It depends on what you're selling, and who you're selling to.

    Many low-cost Amazon products have made their owners very wealthy because of the sheer volume of unit sales.

    On the other hand, if you're providing one-on-one services through freelancing or consultation, it's almost always easier to make more money by pricing your services higher.

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    The way I look at it is What Ifs do not make you money only TAKING ACTION does !
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    You should know or at least have an idea, you have been making money online and teaching people since 2007 from what I can gather from your site
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    how much is the average price for IM products nowdays ?
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    is solo ads coaching for $2K is considered expensive >?
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    If they are physical products then 100 at $1000 is much more profitable since more sales = more stock and packing. However I believe they both take the same amount of sales effort.

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    Although some people will tell you get rick quick it is not that easy. I have been trying myself for a few years. Its like any business start at the bottom and work your way up, But keep at it you will get there one day
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    If your goal is to reach $100k in sales, it is better to sell $1000 to 100 people. It is easier to reach than to sell a $10 product to 10,000 people.

    Of course your product should really be worth it or even more... sort of over-delivering product.

    As for me $100k in sales in one of my goals but not just in my own $10 info product. There will be more...
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    Those cheaper products should be direct tie ends to the high ticket items.


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    Originally Posted by ANDREIS View Post

    Recently I had a discussion with my friend who is also an internet entrepreneur about what the easier way of making 100k online is?

    Is it easier to sell 10000 products at 10$ each or 100 products at 1000$ each?

    Is it easier to find 10000 people who will buy product priced at 10$ or to find 100 people who will pay 1000$ each?

    Which one is the faster way of making 100000 dollars?
    I think sell 100 products at 1000$ each easier than 10000 products at 10$ each.

    Which one is the faster way of making 100000 dollars? I think the second option

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    The difficulty increases exponentially as the price goes up. OK so here is an example for you. It is a lot harder to sell houses than cars. For example, I know one person. Basically, he sells multi million dollar luxury mansions. He needs to spend on advertising about $100,000 of his own money. Also, it takes him about 2-4 years. Plus side is that he gets 1.5 million in commission.

    Please contrast that with a person who sells used cars. Sadly, he only gets $200 per car. Also, there are days when no one shows up. For example, if it is raining. He said that back in the 90's he sold big trucks and got 2-3K in commission.

    Selling luxury items is clearly a proven winner.
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      Yep, it comes down to supply and demand. There is no easy answer to whether a product should be priced at $10 or $1000... unless there is a similar competing product on the market that can provide clues as to what price you should set.

      The best way to determine a price I believe is to set a limited supply at a certain price, and then see what the demand is for it, and see how fast people will gobble it up.

      Let's look at the basketball sneaker industry.

      Air Jordan's sneakers are generally priced high at what $100 to $200 a pair, and for over 30 years, the Air Jordans sold and continue to sell very well.

      Stephon Marbury's much cheaper sneakers "Starbury" were priced at under $15 bucks I believe but after some minimal success, it eventually discontinued.
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    No, it depends on YOU.

    Your mindset. Your comfort zone. Your money tolerance.

    If YOU think $1000 is "a lot of money", that's going to make it tough for you to make the sale. You'll sabotage yourself.

    If YOU believe $100 is "too small, not worth fighting for", then you won't stick with it.

    Following this are marketing collateral issues and the language you use. A $100-an-order salesperson talks very differently than a $10,000-an-order salesperson. The marketing language also changes.

    A low budget problem solver cannot swiftly and believably ramp up to the language a big ticket problem solver uses. This is why a $300 web designer simply cannot get--or even see--$10K+ projects.

    Assess yourself first.
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    Personally.. I'd rather take on the bigger ticket items.. with that being said, it depends on the product, the audience and many factors.. but in the end, I'd normally rather the higher ticket item
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    It doesn't matter about the price of the product. You can sell a product at any price. The most important thing is to find the correct buyer for your product.

    There are many ways to finding buyers for your product. I would say that Google search will give you all the answers to finding the best targeted buyer for your product, regardless of the price. You just have to have diligence and persistance in finding those buyers.
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    I am a newbie, and I'm not know where to start.
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    This is a nice thread. Many interesting views and comments. Some of you gave really viable thoughts but it seems like we came to no conclusion. Some still think you can sell anything at any price, some think you need specific products with the specific crowd, but my original question was:

    What do you think would make you 100k faster starting now? And this means if you really were serious and wanted to take action today, what would it be? We all know theory, but if you had to get down to work today and take the specific path, what route would get you there faster? Would you start working on selling 10$ product or service or membership to 10000 people or you would start working on selling 1000$ product or service to 100 people. I'm not interested in theories, what would you specifically do during the next year to start making it happen??
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    Definitely 100 products at $1,000

    I would recommend doing so with a webinar.
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    100 products at 1000$ each BUT.....

    You want to get the person in the door for a low entry price. You can charge $20-$50 and then upsell them on the backend the $1,000 product.
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    Well, is it easier for CAT to sell 10 of their mega bulldozers at 100K a piece or Wrigleys to sell 4,000,000 packs of their .25 Spearmint gum packs ??

    It all depends on your "Channels of distribution" and your Specific Market and the demographics of that market and the size of that market.

    There is no one size that fits all
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    Actually it may differ on your Marketing style. You should use many ways to sell your products. You should not depends on one way. Thanks
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    the best have multi products
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    I've sent you a couple emails and you haven't gotten back to me. I just sent you a PM. Would appreciate you getting back to me.



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