How do I go about promoting my upcoming wso on this forum

by timpr
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I'm creating a wso about content generation. I want to release it very soon, but I'm unsure about how to do this without getting banned. I had an account here on this forum, but I forgot my login information. So I really don't want this one getting banned.

So can anyone tell me how I can promote my wso without getting banned.

Thank you.
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    Simple . . . promote it in the paid sections of the forum where it is allowed. Don't try to promote it in any of the other sections (free sections) as self promotion is not allowed in those areas.


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    Why didn't you just contact WF support then they could have sent the login information to your email address?

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    I had an account here on this forum, but I forgot my login information
    Surely you know your forum name - and you can reset the password.

    If you have posts here under the other name you need to do that as you'll be more believable than someone with one post running a WSO.
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    Yeah I know, my old username was created back in 2013 I believe, with well over 50 posts.I'll give it a try
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    Just follow the information required in Warrior Payments, and you'll be fine. The WSO moderators will have to review your sales copy before it is approved. So as long as your sales copy passes, it'll get approved. Make sure the product is good. And make sure you remember your login name. You might want to do the "remember me" thing when logging in again.
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    Research all you can on launches.

    There is nothing more important.

    So many warriors just want to get live and get a major disappointment. Get people on board for your launch first my friend. Try to have them in place to promote for you on day one. Have people with review copies ready to engage honestly on your WSO thread day one.

    Join launch boards and launch/affiliate groups.

    Good luck!

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