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I went to google and typed in the actual names of my competition and looked at all the results. Noticed all the blogs that had mentioned them. Are there people out their that you can get to review your site and write an article for a fee or something? I have also made it a point to comment on all the blogs why im there. Most are no follow but im already there so why not. I also noticed there was alot of links to sites that were just comparision sites. How do you get those site to add you to their list of sites they compare? AND I also found the web site name listed on websites for serches that resulted in no matches found. Why would a newspaper web site show up in a google search of a domain name for "no matches found"? Kinda weird. Thanks.
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    Why not ask the blogs your looking to get reviews/links from? Maybe they will do it for a fee or a link trade, or? All they can do is say no or not reply.

    There are services where bloggers post for a fee, but don't think I'd really want to use them, just my opinion. Wouldn't be surprised that the SE's know about them. I could be wrong.

    Better off doing as you are and finding the best matches yourself.

    Course you can always write and submit articles to article directories. Maybe Your already doing it.
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