Should I go with a (Done for you)sales funnel

by grey38
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Quick summary:

Just started a resume creation company. I have a great USP and the site is designed really well (visual and information-wise). I've created plenty of web sites, made decent money with them, but my weakness has always been the sales funnel! I've always had issues with converting quality traffic to sales... So I don't think I'm really looking for a done 4 you sales funnel, I'd rather learn all I can to continue to improve my sales funnel.

If you guys think there's a good done 4 you sales funnel is check it out. If not, I'd love to be steered to a good training wso or even a person yall know that would be able to help me understand what I need to do (offering pay if necessary). Looking for experienced guidance here, appreciate all the help I can get!

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    Shane, IMO if you are not having any success with or are unsure about a phase of your project, farm it out.

    Go search in Warriors for Hire for funnel makers, or even in the forum's Warrior Forum Classified Ads section.

    At least you have put some together, so you will know what to look for and be able to weed out any wannabes.

    Be sure to check out the recommendations.

    - Annie
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    I'd be cautious about done for you sales funnels unless you have experience yourself and can improve on their work. I have a site with over a thousand visitors per day on a specific and well known niche. Over a month ago I decided to outsource for a sales funnel because it'll take too long for me to do it.
    They delivered the work but I have about 1 opt in for every 6000 visits. To their credit they're currently working on it and haven't bailed on me so we'll see how it goes.
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    There are a few who I have confidence in a Done for You Funnel ( Paul Nicholls is one, you can just google him). But if it is possible ( especially with writing your email campaigns) to learn to do them om your own.

    No body can really replace your "Voice"

    - Robert Andrew
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    I think the key to your improving your sales funnel is tracking and testing.

    You want to look at different approached other people use and try them for your site. Track everything, see what works, discard what doesn't work and then go on from there again testing, trying to get better.

    In this you will learn a lot, I mean a LOT. Understanding what converts and most of all WHY.

    You might find that what you think is a great USP or nice site is wasted on your traffic, because they are looking for something quite different. By testing your own edits you will learn what your visitor are looking for.
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    No one gets it right on the first try. The key is to test, tweak, retest, re-tweak, etc.

    It's a continuous process.
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    Hey Shane, if you really want a done-for-you sales funnel because you lack confidence in your conversion skills, there's an alternative you should consider.

    Instead of buying a sales funnel being used by dozens or hundreds of other marketers (sometimes even more), get a custom-made funnel by hiring a good email marketer.

    That way, you know your traffic isn't being exposed to the same follow-up as your competition (which would diminish its effectiveness).

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      Why don't you read:-

      DotCom Secrets: The
      Underground Playbook for
      Growing Your Company

      Must have book if you want to learn to create funnels..
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