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May I get some feedback on my business plan?
*I am working on my MBA in Marketing
*I am putting the finishing touches on my Marketing Coaching program for small business owners and sales professionals
*My plan is to offer a JV opportunity to professionals I know or know of that have this niche on their list (all offline businesses) to receive a 50% JV split on the Bronze and Gold Level membership ($77 and $147) and build my list to ultimately roll out a monthly membership site for these small business owners to have vibrant content to help them increase sales. (maybe a $47/mo)

Advice needed:
*Could you tell me if there's anything I should add or delete from my 1st attempt at a sales page? (I'm a 12 year veteran as a mortgage IM experience at all)

*Have you IM experts heard of coaches/consultants taking ONLINE tools to small business owners for OFFLINE success?

Thank you in advance
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    I'm sure others will have plenty to say but here are some thoughts.

    Sales page:

    - Do whatever you can to get some testimonials - preferably with photos as well as recorded audio or video. Even if you have to give some memberships away for free to get them it's worth it.

    - Don't tell the reader you're half way through an MBA - all of a sudden you aren't qualified to teach on this in some peoples' minds. Be the expert. Be the leader. People want to be led by you.

    - You say it's a step-by-step marketing system but I don't see you effectively outlining the steps. You have that nice graphic showing components, but I'm not left with a sense that this truly is step-by-step. This leads me to the my next thought...

    - What will your customer experience? What will it be like being a member? You don't even list what they will receive. E-mails? Teleclasses? Webinars? Membership site? Tell the reader what they're paying for.

    As far as higher-level strategy relating to your business plan, it seems to me you need to get more specific about WHO you are targeting and what value your program offers. This will come over time but you should start defining it now.

    Part of the issue is you are trying to speak to ALL small business owners and sales professionals. Do you have any idea how many categories this covers?? Your message may come across as far too general for many readers.

    To niche down you might consider doing a "Marketing Huddle for Internet Marketers", "Marketing Huddle for Telemarketers", "Marketing Huddle for Professional Coaches", etc. This would also allow you to tailor things more specifically to joint venture partners, which would get you A LOT more jv's and probably higher response/conversion rates.

    Finally I think you really need to think about your marketing funnel - specifically how you will get people up to your Gold level of $147/month effectively. Most importantly how you will keep them there.

    Overall I highly recommend having a higher-priced products that your coaching program feeds into, such as:
    - 2-day small group masterminds that you charge $3-5K for
    - one-on-one consulting days (they fly to you) that you charge $5K+ for
    - high-fee group masterminds - 10-20 people that meet with you several times per year and get extra materials from you for maybe $3K down and $497/month

    Bottom line - there is A LOT of attrition in $47-$147/month coaching programs. You need something bigger that the top 10% of your customers can access....that's where the real money is.


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      Hi Mike,

      I skimmed the letter and 2 points stood out for me.

      1) My guess is that the current version of the letter will not bring you many clients. Why are you the person someone should give money to for a marketing membership? You might focus on credibility and proof.

      The letter states that you're passionate about marketing, but it does not proof in any way that you're good at it or that you created any profitable results for any business.

      While you tell me in detail how you did all the stuff I did, your letter becomes very short on your own success story. The only part I found while skimming the letter is:
      "But eventually, over time of trying one thing and then the other, I started seeing a pattern of success and became the #3 Sales Producer in the Country two years in a row."

      That's not enough to position your as an expert marketing consultant.

      The next paragraph even adds proof that you're NOT ready to do the job yet:
      "I ... am formulating the deep, high-level Marketing Strategies that I want to coach my clients on….but that will be another year before that is ready."

      2) Another thing to look at is the description of the membership itself. You talk about an 'automated marketing system' and then mention components like autoresponder, blogging, call capture etc.

      At first glance it looks as if after using your service all those systems would be in place in my business and centralized for ease of use (as opposed to 'scattered'). But I doubt that this is what you actually sell.

      To summarize: critical points to improve is a precise description of the offer and adding proof that your are qualified for the job.

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