CashBack Sites Worry You Much?

by vij
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Something bothering me recently. I have been into "unmentionable niches" and into Amazon and never really read too much into "cashback" sites and how they kill the concept of affiliates.

But recently I am getting more and more into mainstream niches and the cashback sites like quidco are worrying me. These sites even advertise on tv as to why the last point of shopping should be done through them.

My question is

As an affiliate, promoting say "insurance" or even as a "Bluehost affiliate", how do you mentally keep yourself motivated when cash back sites can erase your commissions right at the last step and maybe even permanently convert that visitor into a cashbacker.

I am just getting a bit demotivated. I am trying to remain motivated by telling myself that I have access to 70% of traffic with whom I have some chance of getting commissions if they visit my website. The remaining 30% will always finally head to cashback sites at the end and thats ok if I have potential with 70%.

I am interested in your views and mental approach.
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    Just keep the faith. Be positive.

    You still have a bigger percentage of getting commission.

    Just be patient. It will get better soon. Things will work out the way you want them to.
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    just like coupon sites, I just ignore them. What else can you do


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    Hmm...I was just wondering. What % of internet users are shut out from us affiliates because of cash back sites?
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      Originally Posted by vij View Post

      Hmm...I was just wondering. What % of internet users are shut out from us affiliates because of cash back sites?
      0%. Why are you obsessing over this? Focus on what you can do to win the sale and make the customer happy.
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