The Genie wants you to spend your $ but how?

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Say you rubbed a magic lamp and asked the internet Genie to tell you how to quit your day job by working on the internet.

the Genie said, go to the warrior forum, all you need to know is there!

so you worked your tail off and you do ok but still you would love to increase your income dramatically-- financial freedom-- everything, you know the deal...

say the Genie gave you 3 thousand bucks with the stipulation you had to use it to grow your internet business, what would be the best use of the money?

Really if 3k fell into your lap, how could it be used to grow your internet business (this is assuming you have a site with products of some sort)

I'm asking because I'm kind of in this position. My site makes a few thousand a month and I am learning affiliate internet marketing. No sales yet with that but I just started

I just think I'm slower to catch on than most.

suggestions please! Thanks in advance
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