Some questions about Joint Venture (JV)

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One of the successful internet marketer in my country (who is also selling infoproduct), said that he build his list through JV (Joint Venture).

My question is...

1. If I want to do a deal of splitting the profit by 50% with another JV person... Is there a software or some sort of script to generate some kind of report of how much revenue we have earned?

2. What if I want to pay another person based on clicks of their subscriber to my opt-in page? (Similar concept with solo ads). Is there a software or script to calculate the amount of clicks he has to my opt-in page?

3. Can I do JV with another person if I am just doing affiliate marketing? Or perhaps I need to be a product owner if I want to do JV?

Please feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks.
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    Yeah Regional, I reported him too.

    Info 126, Google online joint venture marketing to find many of the answers you are looking for. There are some good books on the subject.

    Also Google: online jv marketing tools

    - Annie
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    If you use a marketplace like JVZoo to sell your product, it can handle all of that for you.. IE JV contracts, affiliate sales etc.

    As far as paying per lead (per optin), I'm not sure of a free script that does that. I use a CRM called Infusionsoft that can handle that if need be, but it's not free.
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    WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin claims to do it all:

    The WP Affiliate Platform can be used to capture leads (potential customers) so you can award the appropriate commission to the referrer later once you have made some money from the lead. The WP Affiliate Platform can be setup to be used with the following two types of Pay Per Lead affiliate model You pay the referrer a commission for every lead that the affiliate sends your way
    The Gravity Forms (contact form plugin) can be integrated with the WP Affiliate Platform Plugin to pay commission to your affiliates for every lead they send your way.
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