New Instant Capture Page Just Launced

by zoro
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My good friend Jeff Long launched his InstantCapturePage just 3 weeks ago
and has literally SHOCKED internet marketers world wide with this thing!
Why? Because it rocks! This simple little tool is a MUST HAVE for
ANYONE trying to build a list and benefit from the use of a website.
You can literally create an INSTANT capture page out of ANY website you want!
You don't even have to OWN the website! Yeah crazy I know...
Well there's the thing...He's launching Version 2 this Thursday and
is holding a special LIVE LAUNCH webinar to "show it off" to the REST
of the internet marketing world!

You need to be there! Register for free HERE:

You're not supposed to know this but I know he's rolling out a
two tiered affiliate program and including some HOT new features
that are going to just EXPLODE your personal lists AND help
you drive more TRAFFIC to any website you want!
I don't know what Jeff has up his sleeve but if I know him,
it'll blow us all away! I'll be there...will you?

You need to be there! Register for free HERE:
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