The Final Nail in the ASD Coffin

by Tim_Carter 7 replies
I just found this interesting link to new charges against the owners.
Say good-bye - and as we predicted it looks like the big players (agents) will be ponying up too.
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    Thanks Tim.

    Not all done reading it yet, but so far my favorite charge is letter (d.) on page 4. I think it;s taking longer to read, because after virtually every sentence I hear a chorus of veteran Warriors shouting, "I told you so!"


    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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      Here is where you can find them
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        The injunction requests not only civil charges but that there is also a dissolution of the corporation and the board members which is primarily husband and wife team.

        Unfortunattely that dosesn't say they can't develop a new corporation and change their business model. Which they will most likely do.

        Looks like Florida is going to run them out of the state and now the lynch mob will be after them too.

        Frank Bruno
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          Watching these events unfold has been a fascinating experience. Parts of it have been comedy, but it's definitely tilting heavily toward tragedy now.

          Imagine having $100,000 tied up in an uninsured account -- in a business model the government is predisposed to destroy. Some people HAVE to imagine it because they're living the nightmare. Next imagine the guy at the helm had a prior conviction for selling unregistered securities (1999) and STILL decided to enter the autosurf business.

          This is a line from the actual federal complaint that describes yet another case of securities violations, these from 1997:

          In particular, Alabama officials asserted that Bowdoin instigated a scheme by which he took money from some victims to pay off prior investors. (Bold emphasis added.)

          A couple of webpages upon which Bowdoin's name appeared were soliciting members to send ASD success stories to the "Legal Team" at a free gmail address. One of them was hosted on freewebs.

          This is from a company that touts itself a professional advertising firm.

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    This isn't the final nail, it's just the beginning of the end.

    More states are going to line up their lawsuits, and the feds are just getting warmed up.

    It's going to be years before it's all over. Heck, they are still prosecuting people who were part of 'The Tax People' scam and that was broken up years ago.

    I wish the ASD cheerleaders would just admit they got conned and come back here. Realize they just got a great lesson in what not to do, and that makes them quite valuable IMHO, if for no other reason than to simply warn others about this crap.

    Come on back guys, we won't bite your head off, honest.
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      Obviously this is all part of the business plan, and they'll be back stronger than ever... they probably just wanted to watch the Olympics.
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        Yeah - not the final nail - but the one that closed it for good.

        Remember 12DP when they tried to hire a lawyer. Here it is again - from another forum:
        Okay Koolaiders - send in your money.

        This is so sad - especially for all those that lost money they couln't afford and didn't know beter. I hope they don't throw good money after bad.


        As you already know, the U.S Attorney’s office has filed suit against Thomas A. Bowdoin, Jr., Clarence Busby, Jr., ADSURFDAILY, Golden Panda, and others complaining about the sale of unregistered securities and referring to the business of ADSURFDAILY as a Ponzi scheme. The members strongly disagree with the Government's claims. This lawsuit allowed the Government to seize a great deal of property, including various bank accounts, credit card accounts, undeposited cashiers checks and virtually shut down our business. We believe that this action by the Government is both unfounded and outrageous. In addition, we believe the seizure of ADSURFDAILY property and shutting down our business without notice violates ADSURFDAILY Members constitutional rights to due process. These harsh acts require an immediate response.

        Accordingly, we are in the process of retaining an attorney in Dallas, Larry Friedman (see his website at He is the managing partner of the litigation law firm, Friedman & Feiger, L.L.P. We know him to be one of the top lawyers in Texas. He is smart and very aggressive, and has taken on the Government before in matters such as these. He has even dealt, successfully, with certain Government attorneys listed on this complaint.

        We intend to fight the Government’s lawsuit, get our business going, get our cash flowing again and get our money back. To that end, we would like to hire Larry Friedman. We are asking every Member to join with us. Where possible, we ask you to contribute to our “war chest.” Larry has agreed to commence representation once we deposit a $100,000 retainer in the “ASD Membership Legal Defense Fund” trust account. As you know, good representation is expensive. This litigation may cost a lot more. We would like to raise several hundred thousand dollars to be kept in the trust account, which would be refundable if not used.

        Please respond to this email, letting us know we can include you as a named Intervenor on the pleadings. This action will represent every Member of ASD and we trust we can count on your financial support. We are asking for a minimum contribution of $500 per member, but welcome any amount, large or small. Every member that joins our group will be represented by Mr. Friedman.

        Please make your checks payable to "Friedman & Feiger", indicate your ASD member name and ID number on the check and overnight the check to:

        Friedman & Feiger, LLP
        “ASD Membership Legal Fund”
        5301 Spring Valley Road, Suite 200,
        Dallas, Texas 75254.

        Your may also wire the funds directly to the defense fund trust account at:

        Friedman & Feiger, LLP Trust Under the IOLTA Program
        Inwood National Bank
        Dallas, Texas 75209
        Acct # removed
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