How Do I Get Real Free Traffic to My Website.... Any Suggestions

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    Well, you look for the traffic according to what your site is about. You find forums and blogs related to the topics your site is about and pay for an ad. You can put an ad for a very affordable price and get lots of traffic. If your site is good you won't need so much paid advertising in the future because people will bookmark it and share it.

    If you want to go free way then you need to post interesting stuff on your site and share that on Facebook and Twitter, it can get viral. There is always SEO if you've done your homework and found keywords with substantial number of searches per month for which there is no serious competition.

    Choose some of the options above and get down to work!
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    By providing things at your site that other people in the niche desperately want and that they can't get elsewhere.
    • Solutions to common problems
    • Tutorials about how to do things
    • Entertainment and fun things that are unique to your site
    • The latest news, events, happenings in your niche
    • Information from the thought leaders and experts in your niche
    • Commentary and thoughtful opinions about niche topics
    • Ways people in the niche can save money, save time, ease stress
    • Interaction with other like-minded people in the niche
    • Educational material that will help people in the niche learn
    There are many other things.

    Whatever you can provide ... it is NOT enough to just put it up on your web site. You have to promote the heck out of it too.

    It's simple right? Give people what they want.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Doesn't sound simple to me... But I think you're right.
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    Depending on your niche you may want to investigate Youtube videos. These can deliver quite a bit of traffic. Plus create useful videos then share them out via social media.
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    Hi LIZ

    First off, follow your fun. Having fun makes you magnetic to traffic building ideas and traffic itself.

    Research your niche. What do folks struggle with? Help 'em through your blog.

    Write posts or shoot videos or record podcasts solving problems relevant to your niche. Common probs. Keep your ear to the cyber street to ID these probs, and you're golden.

    Build strong friendships with leaders in your niche. Friends in high places will promote you, inspire you, endorse you and yep, they'll drive traffic through these kind actions too.

    Create and connect regularly. Create content. Make friends. Traffic will flow your way if you create relevant, problem solving content and if you keep making friends with leaders in your niche.

    Ways to make friends with niche leaders:

    I comment on top blogs from both travel blogging and blogging tips niches
    I share leader's content freely on twitter and sometimes on Facebook and G Plus
    I build our bonds through email, asking how I can help these leaders
    I meet with blogging big dawgs offline, when I'm not sipping coconut shakes in Fiji or Bali
    I persistently build connections with new leaders from my niche.

    Traffic flows to generous, connected bloggers.

    Start your journey by following your fun. Then, you have the right energy for creating and connecting, and that sweet, free traffic will flow to your website and yep, it'll be real, legit, hungry traffic too.

    Get, by giving with a heart-based business. Traffic finds the helpful, high energy, connected online entrepreneur.

    Signing off from sunny NJ.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      Signing off from sunny NJ.
      I had to read this three times.....

      Ryan, a world traveler, enjoying sunny New Jersey in April? I never would have guessed!
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    A lot of tedious, mind-numbing work.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      A lot of tedious, mind-numbing work.
      And fixing the CapsLock key...
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      A lot of tedious, mind-numbing work.
      Have a look at his posts. He always reply like this. With useless meaningful short answers which are supposed to be funny.
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    Well theres no end to the to do list of how to get traffic. But as an advice I would tell u to start small. Dont overdo anything, and dont think of any overnight success plan.

    35% COUPON AVAILABLE - AFFORDABLE GENUINE SEO COMANY! Just Ask Me how to get the coupon!?
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    - Blogging
    - Forum posting
    - Compile some of your best blog post into a report & give away
    - Upload videos to video sharing sites
    - Convert free content into slides and share on slideshare
    - Give away free content on social media sites
    - .....

    Master one strategy at a time.
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    Only 2 Ways


    Get LEGIT! Make 6, 7 or 8 FIGURES Per MONTH
    Just Like The Other Students I Mentor Do!

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    First, you need to be active on social media, find one you like and stick with it for a while when you feel more comfortable add more to your strategy.

    Be active and post daily if you can, try your best to create engaging content so people will comment, share or like. Find groups about your niche, promote your blog posts there and also be an active member, help everyone and make some contacts to build your reputation.

    Depending on your niche you can find sub-topics related to your main niche to find people as well, participate in every group you can and start adding all the people who interact with you.

    You should do 80% fun and engaging content and 20% promotion.
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    I think the problem is in the content of your web page, the content should share knowledge revolves around the product/service, and provide special content that only you have, customers can't find in other sites.
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    You get real free traffic by stop posting on a forum and taking action on the 300+ free traffic sources, your visitors are there go get them!
    ====>READY To Be Successful Online? FIND OUT more!?<====
    You FAIL online because you have the WRONG information.....
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    First of all, don't dream of a quick magical success and tons of traffic from on or two simple steps or investments.

    - post good unique blog posts
    - be active in social media, as many channels as you can manage
    - engage and build connections with other bloggers and influencers
    - analyse your site, find and fix mistakes
    - read as much as possible and build your site's development strategy
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    Forum marketing

    YouTube marketing

    Social media marketing

    Pick your poison
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    If you mean free traffic as in organic traffic, then it's all about creating quality content and creating lots of it.
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    There are some people on YouTube who use their videos to get traffic.

    They have a few accounts and have lot of videos and that is how they get the majority of their traffic.
    Over the years I tried that too but it did not work too well for me.

    Paid traffic is the way to go in my view if you want fast results. You just have to try (TEST) all sorts of them to see which ones are good and which ones aren't.
    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in user signatures.

    Thank you.

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    There are many ways to get real free traffic. You can use any ways. Such as Forum posting, relevant blog commenting, Social media site, Article submission & so you. You need to do the Do-follow link more & more than the No-follow link. The Do-follow link increase your site traffic & page rank at the same time. While the No-follow link will increase manual traffic only. Thanks for your interest.
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    As others have said having excellent value laden Content on your Site ....then you can do things like Ryan said i.e Blog Commenting on some of the top blogs in your Niche. Also Guest Posting as well.

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    solo ads bro ... try it
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    Buying traffic is the quickest way to generate traffic. Look at FB ads and solo ads.
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    Facebook is the best way to get real free traffic
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    You want to go freeway then you need share that on google plus, Facebook and Twitter, it can get viral.
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    free organic traffic comes from search engines (SEO), you can use paid ads too like BING
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    Social Media Marketing and YouTube are the big guns.. Use them... Be patient... Be consistent ...
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  • YouTube is the best to learn about this topic and you can write blogs and create videos if you are good at it.
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    To get real traffic to my wesite we have to do following things:

    - Blogging.
    - Infography images creation & submission.
    - Blog commenting.
    - Video & image upload.
    - Social book marking.
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    Of course you have to create a good and high quality content.

    Social media is an effective tool to share your site.

    Be creative and unique with your content.
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    Learn about it through reading different blogs.

    You will definitely gain a lot from reading blogs and articles.

    You could also try watching youtube videos.
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