Good Luck to all in South Texas.

by Jason Zalesky 8 replies
Looks like everyone living in south texas is taking a beating right now. Hope all does ok and that everone stays safe. They are saying now that it could have a high death toll since 40% of people that were asked to evacuate didnt. Hope thats not the case.

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    the least we can do is offer a prayer, and be grateful we're not there.
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      Jeez eh...button down the hatch and be safe.
      Hope nature takes a break.
      Best wishes to all in the path.


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        It's at a Category 2 right now and looks like it will (hopefully) not go higher. Such a massive storm - we will have the outer rings here in OHIO in less than two days. Be safe friends!
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          With a storm this size, the category isn't as important as the size. Last night Ike was just below a Cat 3 - but covered the entire Gulf of Mexico - which meant water was being pushed onshore all along the shallow coast areas.

          We were not in the warning area for Ike (thank goodness) but we have had two days of tides 5-8 feet above normal with multiple road and bridge closures just from the water disturbance caused by this storm. Yesterday, for several hours, I found I was living on an island and I'm a long way from Galveston.

          I give Texas a lot of credit for the attention given to saving pets as well as people in advance of the storm - the volunteers got in ahead of the storm. The only positive that came out of Hurricane Katrina was a law that made it possible for people to be evacuated with their pets.

          Time to start getting stuff together to send to Texas.


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            i've just seen in the news that some people already i guess it's pretty worse there.
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              I'm Southeast of Dallas, and the storm is just now reaching me. It's windy and rainy, but really not so bad. Glad I don't live a few hours South of here, where I am hearing there's a lot of damage and some deaths. The good news is it's a fast-moving storm, so it'll dump on us but be out of here in a few hours. Whew!

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                I have a lake house out in Frankston Texas south of Tyler and some family that live out there. They are saying its getting really bad quick as it comes up on them. Still having winds up to 80 to 90 miles an hour there I hope all goes well.

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                  Jason, yeah, if you're East of the eye, you're getting it a lot worse than places closer to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Looks right now like the eye might pass just West of Tyler, which is not good for residents there. Hope everything works out for your family!

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