Masking affiliate link: How to post affiliate link on facebook?

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I mask and redirect my domain to affiliate link then shorten with bitly then post it on facebook but it keeps blocking my link.So please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you so much
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    It's against Facebook's TOS. I'd suggest finding a new way to market.
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    You simply cannot promoting cloak affiliate links in Facebook. Better create a squeeze page or redirect them to your website where you have your offer and links.

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    Create your own 301 redirect. For example: and 301 it to your aff link.

    That'll get you by for a while I guess.
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    does anybody solve this problem ?
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    Listen, why are you trying to earn money with shady practices? You can earn money in completely legit ways. Don't look how you can game Facebook but rather look how you can use legit Facebook opportunities to your own advantage. You may game the system here and there but you will be under constant threat of being shut down. Why do that? I guess you're trying that way because you still don't know better ways.

    I can assure you that you can make an enormous amounts of money by doing very normal and legit things. You need to read and explore and see how other people are making money without the need to game the system. Learn from them. There is no better thing than doing allowed and normal things and earning very...very decent money!
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    Instead of directing people to an affiliate offer, why not send people to your home page where you talk about yourself and the product. Try that to see if this is allowed.
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    I mask and redirect my domain to affiliate link then shorten with bitly then post it on facebook but it keeps blocking my link.So please help me to solve this problem.

    Thank you so much

    May I know what is your niche? We did this one too before, but with different results. What we did was, we registered a new domain name that redirects to the affiliate link. Our first product niche was on weight loss, it has a high gravity profile on CB but eventually FB blocked the link. Another niche was on dancing and that one went through and worked well.

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    A common thing that affiliate marketers do (and I was guilty of this too) is to promote directly to the product - that is, send people directly to the product.

    Any business model should be about building a list of customers. By sending people to the affiliate offer directly, you're spending time and/or money to get those leads, then you're just giving them away to the product owner. DO NOT DO THIS.

    First, you're giving leads away, which mean you are constantly having to spend more time and money getting more new leads.
    Second, unless people know, like and trust you, they probably won't buy from your affiliate link on the first visit to your page anyway. It's better to warm them up first via an email list and autoresponder.

    Instead, capture the lead by offering them something for free, using a squeeze page, and build your own list. Then, promote the affiliate offers to your list.

    This method avoids the problem of not being able to post affiliate links on facebook. You can, in fact, post a link to your own squeeze page instead.

    This is a much better business model.
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