How can I have more than one Clickbank URL for my affiliates?

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Clickbank allows only one hop link but I see some product vendors that give their affiliates multiple URLs in case they want to send traffic to a video sales letter, a textbased page, a sales letter with or without a pop up, etc.

It looks like there's a special parameter at the end, for example something like:

Can someone tell me how they're creating multiple landing pages through a single hop link this way?
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    There are a few products that can do this.
    The one I'm using is
    I'm not related to this product.
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    Normally, the affiliates would set up their own tracking URL's to track where sales are coming from - since you couldn't know where all your affiliates would want to advertise. It's not usually the responsibility of the product owner.

    However, if you really wanna get into it, many tracking softwares are available. I use:

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    usually the vendor provides these links through their affiliate page.

    If you are the vendor and want to provide this for your affiliates then clickbank support is probably the place you want to get this information

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    The vendor needs to install a script on their server to offer this functionality (it's not a standard ClickBank system)>

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