Consulting in a particular niche, could that work?

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I have been wondering whether there is good money in consultation? Because on warriorforum I found nothing about it. And what software's would I use for it, since Skype is bad quality? What kind of marketing would I need to do to get clients? Appreciate the help, thank you.
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    What field of consultation/consulting are you asking about? Psychology? Business? Health? Something else?

    Providing more details would help people answer your post.
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      Self-help I am genuinely interested in this niche. Coaching on how to be more confident or simple things which can help people out. Could that work out?
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    It may be a niche worth exploring. I'd try doing a Google search and find other self help sites and look at the way they are monetizing. You may see things like AdSense, affiliate ads, etc.
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    Hi Gina,

    There is a really smart guy named Glen Allsopp who speaks about consulting companies and growing a business from it on (which may be closed at the moment).

    Another great resource is Yaro Starak who has an excellent podcast here:



    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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    Hi Gina,

    Facebook might be a good idea for your niche, especially if you have an idea about who your audience is. You could create a Facebook Page and even a Facebook group for your target audience and start building a "fan" base. Sharing content that's useful for your people can help you grow nicely.

    I'm also a bit curious why you think Skype is bad quality? The video quality (if that's what you meant) might depend on the internet speed and pretty much all tools would be influenced by that as far as I know. You might need something that's convenient, familiar and cheap.

    Anyway, just some thoughts and good luck!
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    If you are thinking of high value consulting, webinars may be useful. It is a pseudo form of consulting only that it is not 100% personalized.

    You can start first by offering high end services by selling videos but eventually doing 1 to 1 consulting for each individual client.

    There's a lady that does relationship consulting for $2,000 a pop. However, she offers a lousy $200 commission to affiliates!Don't know if the offer is still on.
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    Do you have a website? If not, you might want to set up a website first , then branching off to facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. And after a while, you can reach out for private consulting. Check out some clickbank vendor's websites in self help niche and see how they are doing it. That will get you some ideas. Webinars and Skype are good for direct consulting.
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    For the kind of niche you're describing, a better word might be "coaching" rather than consulting. Offering courses and coaching can be very lucrative, and working/establishing yourself in a particular niche is the easiest way to build your fan base.

    You're on the right track when you say "becoming more confident" or something equally specific. Now you need to match that to a specific group, like recent grads looking for that first "real" job, or divorced people looking to get back on the bike, or...
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