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Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has experience selling art online? I have a friend who is an artist and he's recently asked me if I could help him sell his art online.

He's an amazing artist and has been in and sold his art in galleries down town.

He has pieces that are abstract and also pieces that are designs and graphics. So really it's two different markets for two different types of art.

I heard if it's done properly selling art online can really be profitable.

Any suggestions?

Thanks J
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    Amazon FBA

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    My daughter is starting to hand sketch on canvas and doing some decent pieces with acrylics, and my advice to her was this;

    Check out DeviantArt - The largest online art gallery and community there are a lot of people offering artworks there in various mediums.

    Start a blog, and showcase his/her portfolio.

    Start creating either digital print versions of the originals (acrylics and oils) as once the originals are completed and sold... the artist has to rely on creating and selling the next piece, if they can mass produce the original (i.e. lithos, silkscreens, digital HD images, stickers, posters, etc..) those can create a residual income if marketed properly.

    It's funny, I blew a free 4 year scholarship to Fort Lauderdale Art Institute when I was younger, and 2 of my 3 kids are artistically inclined, so, I am trying to "PUSH" them to learn IMing and pursue their passions.

    Obviously, the person could also create a FB fan page, Use Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc... to link back to their website where they can engage prospects, showcase their works, and offerings... there are plenty of WordPress themes for free as well as plugins that will enable an artist to ship items and receive payments...


    There's always eBay, Amazon, and bargain sites that can host the sales for them.

    Damn, now I want to draw, and I got to finish editing my eBook... lol.

    Who knows, maybe I'll start drawing my own illustrations in my eBooks... and sell some artwork too, lol.

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    Excellent suggestions! Thanks! J

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    We see a lot of work being brought into our custom framing business that was purchased directly from artists on Ebay and from Etsy.

    Also works from Grays Austions. Buy Fine Art & Collectibles Online - GraysOnline Australia

    i would also suggest Pinterest and Facebook could help drive some viewers and generate a following.

    There are also publishers looking to license works to "POD" print on demand.

    This is where all the growth is in printed images as tastes are so diverse and it saves publishers from producing masses of stock which gets tied up in inventory.

    One publisher doing it this way in Australia is ArtWorldPod Welcome to Chamton

    Going into print might not be what every artist desires but it could help fund other original works and exhibitions.

    Best regards,

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    Lots of good ideas here. Piggybacking on Art's idea of reproducing originals, here's another market to check out...

    Corporate acquisitions. These buyers acquire "bulk" artworks to use in places like hotels and rental properties (think blocks of vacation condos).

    They could end up selling the original through a gallery or auction house, and dozens (maybe hundreds) of copies to a buyer in a single transaction.
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    Thanks great insights! J

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    Hey, J I saw this and thought of you...

    Cory Huff: Shakespearian Actor Starts A Blog To Teach Creative People
    How To Sell Their Art Online And Today Makes $180,000+ A Year Online

    It's about a 58 minute long interview on the topic....
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