Product Launch vs. Product Punch ?

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Hey Warriors!'s been a while since I have shared
a long winded post...but I was reflecting
and thought I would write a bit :-)

We all have our chosen method for generating
cash online....and we learn more about the craft
every day! It's is an AWESOME FEELING to be
doing what you are PASSIONATE ABOUT and making money!

Listen, you don't need to be making tens of thousands
of dollars per month straight out of the gate. If your
passion is driving you the money will a BIG WAY.
If you take your time, effectively plan, develop strategies,
study others, NETWORK and...

and Develop Several CASH FUNNELS

Success will follow.

Pick your poison...PPC, Article Marketing, doesn't matter. To learn it,
understand it and generate cash from it need to LOVE doing it.

There are A LOT of talented people on this
forum and in the Internet Marketing Community
as a whole! Each with their own Cash Generating
Business model...a mere modified version of the
Overall Strategy for that particular model.

The goal of a Product launch should be to create
the ground swell, spread the message, capture names,
and get them into a WELL DESIGNED Sales funnel
....then grow a Mult-Million Dollar Business.

And in this twenty first century there should be A
STRONG emphasis on social, viral and messaging platforms.

The launch serves as your introduction to the market
place. Build your brand, generate traffic, build the buzz,
get people excited and make money. Take your time and
do it right! Don't cut corners.
The Date should not be the focus until the
product is finished
which includes Everything!

People fail because the fail to plan properly.
Many spend the time but the focus is narrow
minded although the dream is big. They get caught
up on the Release Date of the product and then try
to suck every penny out of the customer through a
half ass sales process that LOOKS GOOD or feels good
but doesn't produce because it lacks Key Elements.

People can tell me I am Great All Day long...but if
they don't buy from great am I...
great is my Sales Process?

This kind of focus can lead to jaded feelings on launch
day if the STATS aren't through the roof like we thought
they would be and the cash was not what we thought it would be.

Don't shotgun your whole load
and then leave the gun empty!


Undoubtably these same people find themselves, after a
few months, racing to create or promote another product
because their list does not respond.

If your focus is all front end driven... it leads to problems...Period!
Does not matter if you have been doing this for
10 years or not. For me..this includes the upsell
process as well.

Help yourself and your affiliate base by developing
a Rockin follow up sequence that continues to deliver
good free content and ease them back into a sales flow
...then seal the deal....rather than slapping the same
sales pitch the next day after they already rejected your initial offer.

And make sure everything is done! Including A GOOD SALES PAGE!

Do this right and now you can

Carry the momentum of your launch into a...

Open Circuit Social Network
------------------------------ least that's what my name is for it

-Developing a social network should be viewed as a long term strategy
and always evolving...and a very important integration and focus
of your launch. Use the groud swell of the launch to build out
your social network.

I recently implemented a new strategy with some of my
partners which captured the names of all new Facebook
Fans for a Page at an 88% converion rate (that's names
on the Aweber list)
while also growing the Group Membership on Facebook
by over 536% in 2 days.

The key here is valuable content and interaction and minimal sales messages.

If "Twitter" aint cool to you...then you are missing the boat.
Take time to study from a marketing perspective how your
social influence can add to your bottom line. The key here
is how you interact with your groups and what your definition
of List Relationship and Monetizing Traffic is?

Is your focus on growth or a one time hit?

Are you really thinking Product Launch
-Multi Million Dollar business that generates
cash for life....Relationship Driven

or Product Punch

hope to make a $100K..strickly cash focused and
only thinking about yourself? (what ever number you
want to put there)

Gotta remember the affiliates too! Especially if they just
gave you a percentage of their list. Not to follow
through.... as a result of poor planning, shotgun methods
and throwing a bunch of **** together won't go far for
"Your Next Product Launch".

Remember Win Win.....don't expect others to do for you..
what you are not doing for them.

Many Marketers put to much focus on the Front End
launch dollar amount. Their goal is to generate a boat
load of cash in a short period of time and claim bragging rights.

Monetization methods focus tends to be more on the upsell /
downsells process. And the list size is viewed as a 4 day cash machine
...that can be used over the next 7 days with the same sales message.

Some of the biggest questions that arise in the future,
when cash is needed, and the sales don't come through
as expected...are:

Why are my open rates so low? click count isn't where it needs to be?
What the heck is going on here?
My unsubscription rate is UP
I'm not getting many more opt ins

.....This kind of focus, especially for new marketers will not
build a Multi Million dollar business. Genreating Monthly Cash
flow is a business -not a rat race is Boomin for the guys who are taking the time
to do it right and Build a business <--

So do it right the first time!

A big list does not always mean to Big Sales when you
mail and that depends on what your definition of Big is.

A well built relationship with small group of 10 people who
ave a combined total list size of 10,000,000 (One Million
each...this is attainable when you are RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN
vs MONEY DRIVEN) can be more Lucrative (even with affiliate
commission built in) than a Personal List Size of 1,000,000.

The above carries more weight if each of those people have
a Large Social Network Platforms in place.

So learn how to take less, give more and guarantee success
every time and grow your network. The Product Launch process
is the conduit and the most lucrative if you go about it the
right way. Look at Twitter, Bing, and everything else these days..

The bottom line fact is that a lot of folks forget about where
the real money will come from.....their relationship with not
only their list...but from their Social Network and their CUSTOMERS!
For what ever isn't important enough to spend time on.

Nor is a well planned long term strategy.

It's cool!

That's a Product Punch in my opinion and it should generate
some great cash and drive leads into your database...but what
are you going to do with them once they are there?

So when planning a new product launch to the market
place....after you get all of the great graphics, video's,
sales copy etc....

Focus on Building A Long Term Relationship with your list...
Taking time to build out an extended Social Network and
taking the time to do it right!

Exponential Growth is Far Better than a Explosive Launch
that fizzles out in the end...keep the momentum going
...and when you have affiliates there is nothing better than
to be in a position to keep paying them.

Make it a Great Day!

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    Thank you Sean. I am brand new to Warrior Forum but not new to internet marketing. I would like to hear more about your strategy that converted your Facebook fans at an 88% rate.

    I look forward to more of your posts.
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