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What is the proper way to have your copyright/all rights reserved statement on a (mini)site? I would like it to be 2008 and under site name so for example

Should i have my designer psd it into footer? OR will i need to be changing the year every year?

How should i show it?

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    You should show it up like this:

    © 2008 My site name. All Rights Reserved.

    That's it. Also, instead of using your site name, you can instead use your domain name. Either way it doesn't really matte but using your site name has a better "ring" to it.

    You don't have to change it from year to year. Should you? Probably. At the very end of your template you can just put it there & it's not a big deal.
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    Thanks Mike, i will just leave it in the psd then and it is under domain name.

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    I prefer "Is there life after death? Rip off the copy and find out!" But just theoretically, haven't actually used it.

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    You can always use PHP for a dynamic copyright footer, so you don't have to change it every year:

    <? echo "Copyright &copy; 2008-".date('Y'); ?>


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    While having a copyright notice is preferred, in the US you don't need one. So don't worry if you forget - you're still protected in that you don't lose your copyright.
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