Should I renew these domains?

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I purchased a bunch of .club domains last year when they were on sale. They are now up for renewal and was wondering if you guys think anyone of them are worth renewing as I am not that familiar with .club domains other than seeing a few on Facebook.

bichonpoodle dot club Expires On: 2016/05/06
glutenfreecooking dot club Expires On: 2016/05/06
nichemarketing dot club Expires On: 2016/05/06
homegarden dot club Expires On: 2016/05/06
wildernesssurvival dot club Expires On: 2016/05/06
cookingwithkids dot club Expires On: 2016/05/06
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    I'd say to renew them ONLY if you plan on doing something with them (build a website, a Facebook Page/Group/write a book and so on.) If this isn't a good deciding factor for you, I can tell you that my choices for keeping would be:

    It's probably all subjective but I see these three as having more "entrepreneurial" value than the rest.
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  • I would not renew any of them if I would not have concrete plans on implementing my ideas and actually getting to implementing them, like, today.

    I'm guilty of the same thing. I used to buy and renew a lot of domains, but then I realized that I'm wasting money on potential ideas that depend on my execution, not the domain name.

    No offence, but a person executing on his idea on a domain "nicheeeemarketinngngngng.whatever" will earn more money than a guy sitting on "" any day of the week.

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    Let them all expire so you can concentrate on one real business.

    You bought them a year ago and haven't done anything with them. Chances are excellent you won't do anything with them this year either.

    There is no inherent value in any of the dot club names you registered so why spend more money on any of them? The only reason to renew is if you have definite plans for using one or more of them.

    Let this be a lesson that you should never purchase a domain unless you have immediate plans for that domain. I am guilty of this and have learned my lesson. I have registered dozens and dozens of domains only to let them expire one or more years later.

    Save yourself some money - cut your losses - and get back to business.


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    Yep I let some go that I have had for years the last year or so. I think for a lot of people there is a twinge of hope that they might get them going or maybe somehow they could be inherently valuable.

    But I'm with Steve they are really worthless if you are not going to put some work into them

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Let them go! Just use the dotcom next time for your own business.

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    If you bought them last year and have done nothing with them, let them go.


    You can try to sell them on and see if you can get any buyer.
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    Thank you.

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    My general rule of thumb is if I haven't used a domain in a year, I let it expire. The only exceptions are domains that are variations of my real name. But I only have 2 domains right now that I have turned into websites and are being actively used. I have more ideas for websites in the pipeline. :-)
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    Do the domains generate income? Do they have a good amount of traffic? If not, don't renew it!
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    If you want to use domains in future than you can renew it else don't renew it. In future who knows domain name will be usable or not because of new tld available in market.

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  • Hi,

    These 4 options are great ones in my opinion. They are popular niches which you can actually use for online business.

    glutenfreecooking dot club Expires On: 2016/05/06
    nichemarketing dot club Expires On: 2016/05/06
    homegarden dot club Expires On: 2016/05/06
    wildernesssurvival dot club Expires On: 2016/05/06
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    I'd definitely recommend you discard every single one of them. Like Steve said, if you haven't done anything with them in a year, chances are you won't do anything with them this year. In addition, dot club domain names aren't as appealing as a solid dot com domain.
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    Yeah, as others have said, let them go. Except maybe this one:

    Originally Posted by TrafficFlow View Post

    cookingwithkids dot club
    I believe cannibalism is trending.

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    1) If you plan to build a business base on each of those domains, my suggestion is to get a dot com. (conclusion: don't renew)

    2) If you have no idea what to do with them, don't renew.

    Either option 1 or option 2 -> conclusion: don't renew :-)

    Hope it helps
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    I would let all of them go. Focus on one site and master the process of marketing 1 site. To me i think if you keep them, it's going to hinder your productivity, and cause you to just have another added unnecessary business expense.
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    I just let go of some "powerhouse" .com domains, which were far more capable of buiding a brand, business, and buzz around then most of the names you have listed above.

    Truth be told, I've come to realize, not only could someone else probably make better use of them than I have, but, there's not enough time for me (right now) to concentrate on 10 projects... I have all I can do to channel my energy and focus into one project... so, I let them go as a way of telling myself... forget that, work on this one thing first!

    You can always buy more domains... even .com domains, I find 'gold' (or at least what could be gold) in 2word domains all the time for under $10. take it for what it's worth, but of roughly 20 domains I had come up for renewal, only 7 or made the cut. I let the rest go...knowing, it wasn't a 'right now' need.

    If you have time left on them, you could try auctioning them, listing them for 'X' buy it now price, but unless they are .com - maybe a solid .net I doubt they hold much value.

    Good luck,

    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    Sadly .club hype never caught on so I think its best to let them go. Perhaps the wildernesssurivival is good if you find someone interested in that niche and there is social media built around it but the 3 "s" are not really fortunate.

    Dropshipping for a living.

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    You bought them a year ago and haven't done anything with them. Chances are excellent you won't do anything with them this year either.
    You never know. In 20 or 30 years someone might have a use for them.
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