When reviewing products on Youtube

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1st part question:

Is it best to use the keyword in relation to the product title ie: Stan's Email Marketing Decoded

Or a keyword like you would find on the Google keyword planner ie: email marketing strategy ??

2nd part question:

If I were to review your products on YouTube, how many of you would join me (IM small timer here) for a face to face interview, kinda like Mike from Maine?

Is he duplicatable or should I not even go there?

Thanks everyone!
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    I can't answer the first part of your question because I don't really use youtube as a marketing platform.

    Yes...I know I should!

    But for you second question I would suggest you simply start contacting the product owners for the products that you are reviewing and ask them for an interview instead of asking people in this thread.
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    So you should definitely include the product name in your video title, as many people who are searching for a review or information for the product will simply type in the product name into Youtube or Google. You can also include "Review" in the title, to capture even more keywords.

    As far as the interviewing goes, I'm not sure if the best place to find people for that would be this forum, as there are a lot of people here who may not be the most knowledgeable, and thus I'm not sure what value an interview with them would be. I suggest you either PM popular and knowledgeable people on this forum, or as stated in the reply above, try and interview the product creators.

    Best of luck!
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