Software that finds easy to rank keywords?

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Hey everyone, is there a software that you would recommend that finds an easy to rank keywords? For example if I were to type "how to lose 10 pounds" it would find the easiest keywords to rank for with minimum of 1k set searches a month! Is there such software?
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    Any Keyword Tool will show you index of competition and that should supposedly be sufficient for anyone to use the keyword with the low competition index and make money. Unfortunately, tools are too many times wrong.

    There is no better way than to learn how to really assess the competition with your own brain. Once you learn how it is done, it becomes easy and you don't need any tool. Tools are just showing falsely that there is no hard competition for a certain keyword and that there is a strong competition for other keywords while in fact you can many, many times easily beat what they say is hard competition and also you can jump into creating a site and targeting so called "easy" keywords and face the wall!

    There is no better way of finding keywords and assessing the competition than to learn how to do that with your own eyes, to have that skill with you, inside your brain - then you don't depend on anything and you can do online whatever you really want to do without being sidetracked! That's freedom and I might say it's profitable freedom!
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    There have been many software that claim to be able to find long tail keywords, but I have found none that really can.

    Most that claim they can, require you to start with a keyword and force you to manually take the similar keywords that they find and reenter them in the software to narrow it down. They repeat this process until you get down to the specifications that you are looking for.

    That has been my experience. But if anyone has found a software can do this...I would also love to know what it is.
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    i can vouch for Long Tail Pro.. helped me a lot in the past.

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    You should check out "Keyword Discovery". The free version is great, but the paid version is even better. Far better. But it's pricey, however, it's worth the cost.
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    Long Tail Pro and Xrumer, plus GSA
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    I've never trusted that type of software. My favorite keyword tool is Google's search box with their autocomplete feature. I feel like the long tail keywords that Google suggests when you type in keywords are generally the best ones to go after.
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    Whatever software you decide to look at, make sure the "competition" part is measuring what you really want it to measure.

    Most of the keyword tools out there use the same data as Google's keyword tool, and the competition it measures is competition for ad slots, not rankings.

    So if you find a term with, say, 50,000 searches per month and "low" competition, that just means that there aren't a lot of people vying for Adwords slots. Which, for me, is actually a red flag because it usually means there isn't much money in it.

    If SEO is your thing, Google actually did you a favor for a change when they killed the right column ads. That's eight less opportunities for the searcher to ignore your listing and click on an ad.

    Most studies seem to agree that you aren't really competing with anyone more than 2-3 pages deep because most people will either find their answer or change their search query before they get much deep er than that.

    So the competition you need to beat are the ~30 results on the first three pages.

    And if you do reach the first page, you still have to beat out the Adwords ads, the other organic listings, the related searches, the next page links and the search box itself for that click to your page.
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