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Does anyone know if there's a good, no GREAT, course that shows you how to make money with Amazon Associates? I've built several sites with very little to show for it, and I'm frustrated as hell. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Originally Posted by Edward Rubi View Post

    I've built several sites with very little to show for it, and I'm frustrated as hell.

    Have you been promoting your Amazon sites? Have you been driving very targeted traffic to your offers? Selling at Amazon is like other selling . . . you have to put your offers in front of people ready to purchase exactly what you are offering.

    That being said, here is one alternative. There are certainly others. Jim Cockrum is a member here and a respected value-driven product creator.

    Proven Amazon Course

    Good luck to you,


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    It's a bit weird to recomend myself but that's exactly what I do. I'm showing people how it is done with Amazon. I've been online for 10 years. You can check that on my site and on this forum. But my coaching is not for you if you think you will be rich by the next week. I will show you what works and how it is done. I will lead you step by step, but don't think for a second you will make 10000 dollars by the next week.

    However, if you learn and do what needs to be done then you can start earning lots of money in couple of months. So, if you want to get rich in 5 days you better go to all those WSOs. Most people think they will do something quickly and they will make thousands without work, and then the next year they are still without a dime!

    Those who learn and build, they will live a different life by the next year. Sorry if I'm being harsh but 90% of people here on this forum don't make any money at all because they just don't want to work for 3 months and really make some serious money from then on. Instead they're jumping all around this forum and think they will be smarter than others and they will score the goal and be just wont happen!

    Learn how it is done, create, build your own assets, make your own plans and have 10000 per month. That's the job! You're free to get more info on my site or you can send me PM.
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    To answer the question You could try to check Udemy out there might be some not expensive and decent courses but I can't recomend anything specific.

    Also I would like to avoid creating a new thread and ask for other members! Is it possible and would it be profitable to make niche Amazon Affiliate Store. I mean amazon affiliate store that would include only products from one specific niche?
    Thank You!
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    I'm going to give you a bit of advice that's better than any "course" you'll find on this forum - and it doesn't even apply just to Amazon. I've given similar advice in other threads as well and if you follow this advice, you will succeed..

    • Identify a niche you are interested / knowledgeable in
    • Identify niche-related products that you can promote
    • Build a branded website about said niche
    • Build a matching Facebook page
    • Fill your site with QUALITY content about your niche & continually update it
    • Share your posts on your Facebook page
    • Run a continuous "Like" campaign that targets people in your niche (spend $5/day on it)
    As your Facebook fan base grows, traffic to your website will grow.

    Instead of SELLING to your visitors, subtly RECOMMEND products within your QUALITY content.


    Launch a website about trout fishing and target other trout fishermen with your "like" campaign. Discuss different strategies and lures that YOU use to catch trout - and provide affiliate links to them within the content.

    Easy-peasy - for real.

    If you have access to high-quality PLR content, you can even run an autoblog that accomplishes the same thing (YES, autoblogs are still very effective when setup right and not reliant on SEO/organic search).

    This stuff isn't hard - as long as you don't over-complicate things. There is no magic formula to affiliate marketing. Simply identify your audience and provide them with what they want/need.
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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    well said, and you don't need seo either.

    paid traffic is reliable and converts well! SEO traffic, though important, should be a by-product of your original and valuable content.

    Start off with ten great posts (I would also start a youtube channel and make a videos for those posts) and start sending paid traffic to your facebook page and recommend those posts/tutorials.
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    You have already received some great advice. To add to that, I STRONGLY advise you read Erica Stone's "Extreme Review" Guide to writing Amazon reviews. She first published this back in April 2011, but she's updated it every year since, and only the other day I received a notification from her to download the 2016 update (all her updates are free).

    If you don't want to pay for this, she also offers a free Course Via Email.

    Erica Stone is a long-time Warrior who has made a good living promoting Amazon products for many years. She's also very "reachable" and replies in detail to inquiries very quickly.

    I've based my Amazon reviews on Erica's guidelines since at least 2011 (could be earlier). For additional guidance, take a look at Brian Kindsvater's $1 Guides, they are excellent value for $1.

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    Let's have a look website Cloud Living with Tung Tran from Tung Tran
    This guy has a public case study for authority site with Amazon Affiliate. Currently, he is updating his strategies frequently. His authority site earns about $3000+ per month now. He's also opening a niche site course for Amazon Affiliate (not authority site). He uses white hat SEO, so it's safe for affiliate site.
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    NO traffic = NO profits

    by the way Amazon pays you penny for your sales, and they get the best % while you invest your time and your money
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      Originally Posted by maxsi View Post

      NO traffic = NO profits

      by the way Amazon pays you penny for your sales, and they get the best % while you invest your time and your money
      What are you comparing Amazon to though?

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