For Lead-Gen: Estimating Business' Net Profit?

by rbowen
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As part of determining what price to put on my leads for a given type of (service) business, I'd like to know how to estimate a business' net profit - like what's typical for that type of business or service company?

Better still, is there a site or source that might provide that information?

I know Home Advisors has similar information, but usually about how much they charge their clients for leads. And some sites show you what different types of businesses charge to do a job (like repair a dent or whatever). But I'd like to know how much net profit is in a given job (like repairing a dent).

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    Try re posting in the Offline sub forum there are some great experts in there that will help you

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    I've been generating leads for around 18 years and I think you are trying to read to deep into it.

    All you need to know is what the marketplace is paying and start from that point.

    Under deliver the quantity that your customers request. If the leads are working well for them, they will be on you deliver more. You can then use this to increase the price and help find the true value of your leads. You really want to be doing this with multiple customers, as you need more than one to find what they are really worth.

    If your leads are poor quality and aren't work, your going to find this out too.
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    Just about every service business has a trade association. If they don't have basic information publicly available, contact them.
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