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I have some knowledge on how certain methods of marketing works. However, what i am asking is how you guys grow your audience?

I don't care what type of marketing you use, would building your audience be the same tactics you guys use? I know you need a domain, hosting, and quality content. I had some success in the past with SEO/keywords etc but i have since tried to apply the same methods and had no success.

I know you need to offer "freebies" to build a list, but not sure what "freebies" to offer? And not to mention, you still need people to land on your page to take up the freebie.

Is there any other effective methods to building your audience? I understand the only way to make money online is to get your product/serivce out there infront of as many people as possible or you simply wont have any success. Simple as that.

But how? What other methods is out there besides the methods i have already mentioned.

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    You could start by building some authority by using facebook and twitter to get followers in your niche.

    You could build a fan page about your product and also pin a tweet about your product on your twitter profile.

    You might also want to use linkedin.
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    If you don't already have a free report of your own to give away, then I would suggest finding some PLR. There are some good-quality PLR sites around, or just search around the Warrior Forum. You could package up a whole bunch of reports and make a really attractive giveaway,


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    Originally Posted by MichaelCo View Post

    I know you need to offer "freebies" to build a list, but not sure what "freebies" to offer?
    Hey Michael, a good freebie can be something as simple as a PDF that shares useful information with your target audience.

    Click here to learn more about what your freebie (otherwise known as a lead magnet) should do, and click here to see what you can do to follow up with people once they get on your list.

    Originally Posted by MichaelCo View Post

    I understand the only way to make money online is to get your product/serivce out there infront of as many people as possible or you simply wont have any success. Simple as that.
    Not necessarily true, what's important is WHO sees your marketing message and offers.

    You can make a lot of money with a small but targeted audience as opposed to a larger one that isn't.

    Of course, all things being equal, more targeted traffic is always better.

    As for which traffic generations methods you should use, that depends on your tastes and your target market but check this out anyway.

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    To get traffic for a website use a combination of strategies. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to post back to your Blog post. Create or buy a good report on your niche to give away as a freebie for people to sign up on your list. You also can do some solo ads or Facebook ads to build up your list. Once your list is growing in your niche you can sell to them new things again and again.
    "Giving Away Products For FREE Made Me A Millionaire" Today I'm Revealing How I Do It...www.theperfectoffer.today
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    Originally Posted by MichaelCo View Post

    . . . what i am asking is how you guys grow your audience?


    Understand the difference between principles and strategies.

    The principle is that you want prospects in your niche to listen to what you have to say. They will do that if you prove to them that you are an authority and that you are willing to share your knowledge, experience, and wisdom that you have gained on the subject. As people come to recognize that you are a niche expert, they will listen to you and they will trust you to help them in the niche. They will want to purchase the tools, resources, and products that you suggest to them.

    First, however, you have to prove to them that you know what you're talking about ... that you understand the niche. You do that by sharing your knowledge and expertise about the niche.

    Sharing your expertise leads us to a discussion of strategies, that is, ways or methods you will employ to share your knowledge and display your expertise. Blogging about the niche is a strategy to share your knowledge. Participating in forum discussions is a way to share your wisdom and introduce yourself to niche prospects. Publishing articles, creating reports, writing a ebook, or making a video on various subjects important in the niche are strategies you might employ to prove that you are an expert and to show prospects that you care enough about them to share your wisdom and expertise.

    "Offering a freebie," as you put it, is simply one strategy to introduce yourself, share your niche knowledge, and get a prospect's contact info so you can communicate with them at a later time. There are lots of other ways to do this and the strategy you choose will depend upon the niche and how you decide to "attack" it.

    The important thing is that you realize that the principle is what is critical if you want to eventually make sales. You should focus on sharing your expertise, on building trust with your prospects (audience), and letting them see your expertise. You won't typically do that by just bribing your prospects with some PLR giveaway.

    Use this opportunity to set yourself apart from everyone else in the niche by creating your own freebie that gushes with quality, answers important niche questions, and displays your expertise. That is how you build an audience. You're asking people to follow you, to listen to what you have to say, and trust you that you know what you're talking about.

    What is best for the prospect? That's what should determine how you grow your audience. If you always give them what is best for them, they will soon realize that you are someone worth following and they will begin to trust you to guide them in their niche purchases.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hi Michael,

    Solid advice in this thread.

    As for 2 steps to take, to market effectively.

    1: Create.

    2: Connect.

    Create helpful content. I prefer to do so through blogging. Others dig podcasts or Youtube videos. Or you can combine the podcasts, videos and articles on your blog.

    This creating part is in essence, a freebie, too. Because if you help folks for free they are likely to build trust in you....so when it's time to charge for a product or service, their trust inspires them to pay you for your product or service.

    2: Connect

    This is another fundamental of marketing. How I do it, at least.

    Build meaningful friendships with influential folks from your niche.

    Learn from them. Study them. Promote them. Help them.

    Then, some of these friends - who are leaders - will promote you and endorse you, expanding your presence and building your trust factor 100 fold.

    Example; I dig connecting through blog commenting and social media sharing. My comments have led to:

    - me getting my eBooks tweet endorsed by a NY Times Best Selling Author
    - cyber-speaking at NYU
    - ghost-writing a best selling eBook
    - landing a rocking collection of clients
    - appearing on Virgin Dot Com, Forbes and Neil Patel

    By making friends with clout I've gained sensational endorsements, and I've seen my presence multiply really quickly. Which of course has helped me market to a much, much bigger, super targeted audience....compared to if i just tried to do this gig on my own.

    Create. Connect.

    As for specifics, follow avenues which feel fun to you. Don't force marketing channels that aren't there.

    Example; I thoroughly enjoy writing so I publish articles to my blog, and also, have written and self-published bite-sized 124 eBooks. eBooks are also fab marketing tools. I have fun doing both, so it's a labor of love, a passionate deal, not grunt work. Makes the journey easier.

    As for a freebie email list giveaway, ideas:

    - eBooks
    - reports
    - video series
    - audio course

    Whatever you can create and package for pay, you can do for free. Run with it.

    All the best with your marketing campaign.

    Signing off from not too sunny New York City.

    Blogging From Paradise
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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