What did you think of Google Website Optimiser?

by Easy Cash 4 replies
Have you used it and if you have was it good?

Did you get some good results from it?
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    We use GWO for all of our tests in all of our companies and I find it to be a very easy-to-use tool that does exactly what you need to test your pages.

    We haven't used the multivariate testing to date, but most IMers only need to do A/B split tests, and our experience with that on GWO has been flawless.

    Dig in and have fun. :-)

    ~Todd Brown
    Todd Brown’s TheSneakPeekBlog.com
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    I use the multivariate option myself and love it. Sales pages, squeeze pages, ect.
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      Google Website Optimizer is incredible... if you have any technical knowledge it's a breeze to setup (or a breeze for your web guy to do) and it has really helped me see how the little changes can make such drastic differences.

      I've used both A/B split testing and multi-variate. I'd really recommend trying it out!
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      Originally Posted by Ron Killian View Post

      I use the multivariate option myself and love it. Sales pages, squeeze pages, ect.
      Multivariate split testing works very well in an ecommerce / catalogue environment, however although it is more tedious because of the ongoing manual input required traditional A/B split testing still provides the greatest insight opportunity into your market, why…

      Because when you manually test one element at a time, you are able to very accurately draw conclusions as to which elements have the greatest impact and most importantly know why.
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