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by Todd S
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Hi All

Brand new to this thing called IM and would like to know there is any software that would help me become more organized and productive. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Todd S
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    Welcome. You will soon suffer from info overload syndrome. Take these steps -
    focus on 1 task at a time. Finish it. Do'nt fall for the Next big thing. Keep your
    e-mail inbox clean. One g-mail account for all your important stuff. Another for
    your friends and family. Organise your desktop and put all your Internet stuff in
    one location. Do your work first - then check your e-mails. Write a to-do list in
    the evenings and stick with it. Good luck. The software available is too complicated
    to me - when I see something that works - I'll post it.
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    Personally the best system I have found is dead simple. Instead of getting distracted by the false progress of worrying about setting up new project tracking software, I just do this:

    1. Set up a Word doc or an Excel spreadsheet to track your tasks.
    2. Order the taks by priority.
    3. Work your way through them.
    4. Don't delete but strike-through the tasks that you accomplish. This leaves them visibly in the list as little morale boosts and reminders of your progress.
    5. Each NIGHT before you quit, review the remaining tasks to rearrange and put the most important at the top to start on the next morning. (Note: I rec doing this at NIGHT, not in the AM. You have a better idea of what's important to do next at night when you are still in the midst of the work than you will have when you arrive back at your desk again in the morning. )
    6. Rinse and repeat indefinitely.

    You can then copy/paste all your completed tasks down to the bottom of the list weekly to see what you've accomplished. This is a good feeling usually. It also creates a record of what you did so that you can revisit the tasks when planning similar projects in the future.

    This cheap and easy approach has gotten me through countless projects, including two best-selling books about Internet Marketing!

    I hope that it can help you, too.
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    Scott & Eagle Chic

    Thank you for the advice It really helps

    Todd S
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    Having a to do list is very important. Usually, I write my to do list in my notepad but
    a warrior just posted this in another thread.. Home | Task Analytics and it looks promising.

    Going to try it myself..
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