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Hey everyone, can we brainstorm?

Recently my local paper ran a story about a nearby horse rescue ranch that is struggling financially and seeking donations and volunteers. Not only are their own costs rising, they are also being bombarded with pleas from horse owners who can no longer afford to care for their horses because of the rising costs.

Being the money making whiz that I am (cough, cough) - and more importantly, having access to a whole forum of genius money making whizzes, I wondered how I could best help this organization?

Obviously the idea has occurred to me to create products and donate the proceeds, but what else might work?

I thought about writing a beautiful book with photos of the horses and uploading it to or another print on demand company, and the organization could sell the book right from their website. But would it be illegal for them to do that? Or could each sale be considered a donation?

What other ways can you think of for me to help? No idea is too silly! Give me whatever you've got - I'm in full brainstorming mode here, I really want to help these beautiful creatures.


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    Hi Wendy

    How about "sponsor a horse".

    Put a picture of each horse (with their name) on the website and ask for sponsors. Each sponsor, paying xx amount per month, would get a regular update of how their horse is doing and general news of the organisation by means of an email newsletter.

    I'd imagine there'd be a lot of takers. There are tons of people who'd love to own their own horse, but are unable to for various reasons.

    Just an idea. Good luck.

    I've just put Richard Branson's number on speed-dial. I call it my "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme.

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