how to monetize a blog ?

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hello there , i was thinking about creating a blog but to be honest , i don't know yet what i am going to talk about , so i would like to know , how to start a blog and if possible make money out of it ( maybe promote affiliate link or whatever ) . thanks a lot
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    It is always better to make a blog about something that you are really passionate about, if you can't imagine yourself writing at least 10 articles in your niche, then do not make that mistake.

    After you carefully choose a profitable niche that you are also interested in, you can start looking for ways to get traffic, If you have enough traffic, then the monetization part becomes an easy task... there are a lot of monetization strategies to make some decent income from your blog, including... Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Content, Selling your own products and services and many more.

    Hope that helps
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    My suggestion would to create a blog about something that you do and spend money doing.

    For example: If you are an internet marketer, then you could create a blog about internet marketing and then blog about the tools that you use to perform your internet marketing tasks.

    You can do case studies about what products services that you use and then give recommendations on whether you would suggest your readers purchase the product or service.

    And of course you would add your affiliate link for all the products that you recommend.

    This allows you to provide your readers with valuable free information and make money at the same time.
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    It's really a good idea to blog about something you love.

    It's easier to write if you really know well about your piece.
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      Originally Posted by basteluna View Post

      It's really a good idea to blog about something you love.

      It's easier to write if you really know well about your piece.
      Just a quick note, It might seem very easy to write about what you love, but if it in a saturated niche or some topic that most people don't care about, then it would only be a waste of time, most internet marketers and bloggers who become very successful generally focus on helping people solve their problems.

      If there's a need in the market for what you're writing about, then go for it, if no one cares, then you know what to do!

      I only started a blog 14 days ago, I carefully chose a niche that is very promising and I know there is a desperate need for it in the market, I only wrote 2 articles, each one is over 2000+ words, and people already started to thank me about the value that I give to them.

      The key to success is to focus on helping people and the money comes after
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      • How much traffic is this blog generating after 2 weeks with only 2 articles. I would just like some comparison because after 2 weeks I have 12 SEO articles and I am averaging between 11 and 36 page views per day.
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    Originally Posted by Ramesesniper View Post

    hello there , i was thinking about creating a blog but to be honest , i don't know yet what i am going to talk about , so i would like to know , how to start a blog and if possible make money out of it ( maybe promote affiliate link or whatever ) . thanks a lot
    Over the years when I was doing blogging I would refer to regular occasions
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    The first thing you need to do is start a blog on what you're passionate about. Once you got that down your pretty much set. You need to post daily, engage with your readers, and simply monetize it with google Adsense. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it in the long run.

    take care,
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    First things first.

    Inventory your education, training, past employment, knowledge, skills, passions, hobbies, those things that others would say you do very well.

    The idea is to start with an "experience" advantage you have in the niche. You want to blog about things you know, have experienced, and can speak about with authority. Blogging about things you love is "OK" as it will help to keep your enthusiasm for the subject up . . . but it is not totally essential. I know a number of bloggers that hate the subject of their business, but it pays the bills nicely because they are experts in the subject matter so they go with it.

    Once you have a candidate or two (or more) for the subject of your blog, you need to validate that there is money in that marketplace. As others have said, there are some subjects where money does not flow easily.

    Online market research will help you to see what is selling in the various niche marketplaces. In addition, as you do your research you will begin to see who your competitors are, what they are peddling, and where there might be holes or gaps in the marketplace . . . that is, products or services that people are asking for but there may not be any good solutions presently available. These holes in the "supply" of products might be worth considering. Can you fill the hole or gap with a product you create or a service you implement?

    In a nutshell, everything begins with "market demand." What are consumers asking for and can you supply them with a quality solution?

    BTW, I wholeheartedly endorse Discrat's recommendation of Darren Rowse's blog . . .

    If you want to know how to monetize your blog, his site is excellent!

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Hi R,

    3rd the advice to follow Darren's blog at Pro Blogger. He's a pro.

    Follow your fun. Follow your passion. I can't offer any other advice, as far as your starting point, because I saw how freaking amazingly well this blogging thing works when you follow your love.

    Here's why: when you can gab about something all day long, and decide to blog about it, you already got the reward. No NEEDING of money or traffic or subscribers. Meaning you'll not fall prey to the million mistakes that heavily attached bloggers make, the majority who blog primarily to get money, or to fain some fame.

    When I focused on my passions - blogging and traveling - I etched a neat niche out; blogging tips, but drilled down a bit, focusing on how to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

    Darren kills - in a good way - the blogging tips niche. Because he has fun with it. Didn't obsess over traffic or income; he devoted his energies to creating value and connecting.

    The monetizing happens if you love your niche and create products and services centered around that love.

    I wrote a bunch of eBooks because I love writing. Easy for me to write and self-publish a bite-sized, 6000 word eBook in a day because I have a passion for writing.

    The words will flow, your creations will flow and you'll monetize effectively because it won't be about the money, but the joy in creating the eBooks or courses or services.

    Monetizing streams:

    * eBooks
    * paperbacks
    * audio books
    * freelance services
    * coaching services
    * affiliate income streams
    * sponsored posts

    Gotta love working 1 or more of those streams if you want to rock it out online. Because you won't obsess over money over strategies when you're focused on the creating.

    Signing off from sunny, sunny NYC.

    Blogging From Paradise
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Originally Posted by Ramesesniper View Post

    hello there , i was thinking about creating a blog but to be honest , i don't know yet what i am going to talk about , so i would like to know , how to start a blog and if possible make money out of it ( maybe promote affiliate link or whatever ) . thanks a lot
    Why not just go ahead and start?
    IMO worry more about building the blog, building your content and building your audience. If you can do this, monetizing it shouldn't be that difficult
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    You can make money by blogging only if you really know the topics you're writing about, if you enjoy writing about those and if your posts are either interesting or useful or both. Otherwise, don't start it, you're not going to make decent money. There are many ways to earn money online. Explore different ways, if you really like some idea go for it and make a plan. Get down to work and be persistent like hell! That's it.
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    Think about what you're good at or what people always come to you to ask advice about.

    Your goal will be to provide better content and value than your competition, so write down a list of 10 possible blog topics, check and see what the competition is like for each. If you think you can write better content than the competition, then keep that one on the list. If not, cross it off. You'll then have a list of good topics to choose from.
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    If you want to monetize a blog, you must create terribly valuable, unique and quality content which can contains special images or videos that there's no one or other competitors possible to make it like you; you should talk about hot news and updated topic to attract visitors to your blog. Good luck!
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    for me I like fitness...due to my hobby as I like to exercise.

    but on IM , this is a tough niche a lot competition ( but with a lot of competition means this niche is very popular or else why so much competition )

    good, as we all concern health , fitness no doubt about our part of life...without good health how much money you earn is useless. right?

    bad , on IM point of view , is very tough ..need keep pushing ...

    UNLIKE IM niche , although there are also lots of competition ,websites review various affiliate make money programs etc , but it always attract people

    as long is about money no doubt about it.. because newbie will find it interesting and amazing didn't know internet is a place full of opportunities to earn passive income or even full time income...

    for IM like " shopping for more better programs , etc "
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    You can start with Google adsense if you are completely newbie. You can also monetize your site through affiliate programs like Clickbank, CJ, Shareasale etc. But the main thing is that you have to create quality content to your website/blog.
    Signature Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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    You need step by step plan and best way to get it is to buy course.
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    i would suggest solo ads for beginner
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    You should find a really good course or free book about blogging. It will tell you the essentials of blogging, what blog host you should choose, how to monetize your blog, and how to market it. Check some out in the War Room. And if you don't have a membership there, get one. The War Room info goes back much farther than the recent *crazy stuff* there today.
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    build list bro ....thats will be your last mission
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      It takes time to build a site that will make you money, though with the right direction, planning and hard work this can be achieved quicker. It all depends on how you monetize your blog!
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    Since you don't yet know what you're going to talk about, I think the questions you should be asking are - Why do you want to start a blog? What is going to be the purpose of your blog? What are you going to blog about?

    Once you have answers to those questions, it will be easier for you to keep publishing fresh content to your blog.

    As far as monetization is concerned, I only recommend promoting products/services - either yours or someone else's.

    Also, don't use Adsense. It's a surefire way to lose your audience. Seriously.
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    Starts with what you like, your hobby and interest. Just share whatever comes to your mind. Monetize your blog by accepting to write reviews from third party companies, add affiliate links like adsense and infolinks.
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    1. Always create a blog that you have an interest in (unless making money out of it is your priority). If you pick a topic that you have no interest in, you will eventually get bored of it.

    2. If monetization is part of the plan, then you have to find a demand for it. Use Google Keyword planner tool to see what the monthly searches for the keywords associated with your topic.

    3. Examine the affiliate market to see what type of products you can promote on your blog. The more affiliate links available the better. The higher the commission, even better.

    4. Figure out other avenues to make money off your blog: Adsense (or alternatives like Chitika, Infolinks, etc.). Selling your own eBooks or reports from your blog, etc. are some possibilities.

    5. Figure out how to get traffic to that blog. This is very critical.

    Most of the details should be figured out before you begin creating the blog. You don't want to throw darts at a board and miss. There might not be much financial investment in starting a profitable blog, but you could end up losing time and energy.
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  • I personally think that blogging about something that you really like helps in making a successful blog site. Make a list of you interests and decide which topic or niche you want to start a blog with. As for monetizing your website, there are a lot of free information out there. I suggest you find a course that will teach you how to monetize your website from scratch.
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    Your blog must be funnel people into your business.

    A blog post that reviews a product and then link to it, and ask people to join your list to learn more about the niche that the product is part of.

    Monetization occurs via your list.

    As your blog matures and you develop your own info products, maybe a coaching program or membership site... funnel folks into that.

    Do it with content upgrades.

    Write a blog post about "the 5 steps needed"... discuss steps 1 and 2 then require an optin or purchase to get the more important steps 3 through 5. You can do this with your own products, or affiliate products, but to really make your blog profitable, you should think in terms of creating your own info products or coaching/membership programs. Then you can control your entire business which is all coordinated through your blog.

    These are not simple solutions like Adsense, but they're the best way IMHO to build a sustainable, profitable business with your blog.

    If all this strange and you don't have years to learn it all, I'd recommend getting the assistance of a good coach who can streamline all this.
    ...==> [GET FREE ACCESS]... "My 3 List Building Machines" shows you exactly what I do to "build a massive email list" of highly targeted, hungry and responsive subscribers... eager to buy your products and services, over and over again.
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    Originally Posted by Ramesesniper View Post

    hello there , i was thinking about creating a blog but to be honest , i don't know yet what i am going to talk about , so i would like to know , how to start a blog and if possible make money out of it ( maybe promote affiliate link or whatever ) . thanks a lot
    First select the niche for your blog, niche will be depend on your expertise,skills and more importantly your passion about particular niche, then only you will become good blogger else its waste of time.

    As soon as you selected niche, make sure that you are purchasing domain name as per your niche and purchase hosting account for your domain and start your blog as per your blog.

    To earn good money from blog, make sure that you are posting useful and informative information on your blog and once traffic increased on your blog you can apply for google adsense account or try to promote your niche related affiliate products on your blog.

    Hope above information will help you to become good blogger...

    â–ˆ KTCHost - E-commerce Ready Hosting | Pure SSD Cloud/VPS | Offshore Dedicated Server
    â–ˆ cPanel Web Hosting - Free Website Builder | Unlimited Disk Space | 24/7 Support

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    Pretty complicated question! It really cannot be described in one message.

    There are plenty ways to do so and really depends on situation and niche. However generally there are several main things you can do:
    1. Monetize with advertising (a lot of forms)
    2. Funnel traffic to your product
    3. Funnel traffic to third party product.

    Decision making here is simple:

    Choose first if you don't have a product and your site is not tighten to certain niche;
    Choose second when you have your business to promote or product to sell;
    Choose third when you have the highly targeted niche blog.

    And finally, I'd recommend you to make several landing pages like this case study writing board GoHunters do. As it would be good for SEO purposes.
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    First of all On-Page Seo and then other factors ..start monetizing your blog with on page seo and then move towards t off page seo.
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    Remember "monetizing" with a straight Optin Form ONLY on your blog has been the choice of many many successful Marketers. Not saying it is necessarily the best way but in some circumstances I think it can be argued that it could be.
    Just put all your "monetization" in your email Follow Ups and Broadcasts

    - Robert Andrew
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    Top means in the world how to monetize a blog - Sell Advertising. In order to do that you should repeatedly produce a content, that attracts visitors and keep them returning for more yummy bites of content. After that you can join ad networks or pitch direct advertisers and make direct deals. An example how you can earn as a publisher: All you have to do is to create a quality niche content. best
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    Originally Posted by Ramesesniper View Post

    hello there , i was thinking about creating a blog but to be honest , i don't know yet what i am going to talk about , so i would like to know , how to start a blog and if possible make money out of it ( maybe promote affiliate link or whatever ) . thanks a lot
    If you get the traffic, you can monetize it easily with Adsense, with affiliate products or by selling your own products.

    I can write you Persuasive Web Content that turns leads into customers for as low as $0.02 per word.

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    I think banner ads, but only do it when you have enough traffic.

    and do not slam your readers with too many ads, as it will cut the load time of your site, and people will think its turning into a plug site only.
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    do name your blog with yor name and pick 3 niche that you are interested about

    from there ..go do research and follow WF advice
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