Have you ever bought an established website and.....

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made a buckload of money from it?

Something from Sitepoint or similar?

Or do you prefer to make your own from scratch?
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    I bought a site from DP for $2k 2 months ago and so far it has made me over $3 in 2 months and is still earining, earnings have dropped though i was earning about $100 a day and i am now only earning $30 a day, but i am not moaning it runs on autopilot and i dont have to do any work for the money i am getting

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    I get a lot of pride an joy from raising a blog from infancy to cash cow. So making them from scratch is my way of doing things.
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      Going from $100 a day to $30 a day isn't really auto pilot - more like the law of diminishing returns.

      If you know the site is capable of $100 a day consistently - why not do the amount of work necessary to keep it at that level? You are talking of a difference of $2100 a month in income - wouldn't that be worth a few hours of work on the site a month?


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