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Hello all, I am pretty new to clickbank, I like it I understand that gravity is the big indicator to pay attention to when choosing products to promote. Is there any further data that can be measured when doing your homework on a product? For example ;duration on the market in the current form? Does clickbank try to conceal how many days/weeks a product has been up and selling?
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    I don't have any answers to some of your questions but I would like to point something out about promoting clickbank products. From my experience, you don't have to always go with the highest gravity. One of the reason some products have such high gravity is because some sellers put in extra effort to get JV partners to help promote their products. Because of these joint partnerships (JV), sales will increase and therefore, the gravity rises dramatically. This can lead people to believe that the product is awesome... which isn't always the case.

    If you are planning on promoting clickbank product, I recommend looking at the sales page and determine yourself if your traffic would actually buy from that.
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      Well, I am new to affiliate marketing and I think Clickbank is a good launching pad. I am just going to make some quick landing pages and tweak the SEO with youtube and FB. I want to see and feel the entire process and then I will adjust as I go , participate with other brands.I've also started a niche that I write about and that will be a parallel affiliate project. I want to practice my copywriting and measure it with some CB affiliate work. Make landing page, do the SEO and "set it and forget it" for the most part.If I get nothing I'll go back and refine my SEO until I get it to show on the radar. The knowledge of the process is what I am after. If you have any suggestions for partners to start out with that are better than Clickbank I am open to suggestions.
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      That is a good point about fluffing the gravity figures... What metrics are best for selecting a product apart from authority/interest? From a purist salesman perspective?
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    If you want to know the age of a specific Clickbank product, you can use this site:

    CB Engine

    It's pretty decent at sifting through information and you can play around with the settings
    until you find a product you like.

    There is also a filter for the age of a product if you believe that is a criteria to focus on.

    A couple of other things you may want to consider when choosing a CB product
    to promote:

    1. Does the product have a 'vendor spotlight' and/or a useful affiliate area and affiliate tools?

    If the answer is 'YES' it means they take their product seriously, and helping affiliates to make sales is an important part of their agenda.

    2. Look for 'Recurring Sale' products.

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      Many thanks for that enlightening information!
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      It sounds like you have another formula for choosing CB products. Do you guys think gravity is a big factor?
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