Setting up a download product after a Paypal purchase?

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Is there a general rule for this path?

I was wondering if it's possible to re-direct someone to my own thank you/download page after completion of the purchase?
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    thats how we do it. Send them to your own download page. You can get a LOT of other great tips and secrets in the WSO forum (like my sig link)
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    With PayPal you literally TELL it where to go after the order is complete. That's your thank you page.

    If you want to get serious, buy a copy of DLGuard.
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    Sid Hale's Rapid Action Profits (RAP) is great for managing that as well.

    Carl Pruitt

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      Normally I will use the encryption for the thankyou page after Paypal payment for software download.

      But for shipping items, I do not use the encryption as I will redirect them to a thank you page and asking for more information like confirmation of address to be sent, contact numbers, etc.

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        Bringinrevenue, when you set up a paypal button, go to step 3 to put in a link for your thankyou/download page. Paypal words it like this: "Take customer to a specific page (URL) after successful checkout" -- just add your download link there.
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    dlguard is the best. Sam supports his software as well as anyone i have seen in 11 years.
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    E-junkie i hear is also good and very affordable
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    I think paypal provide the redirect service...
    Yes, just like Ruth said, its when you make the paypal button.
    Just fill up the redirect box, and should be it...
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    Exactly that's what we do all the time..

    You can set it up manually from your paypal account
    but using software/script will make it easier (see my sig below ;-)

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    Thanks for the great info everyone! Very helpful!!
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      I redirect back to a page that is actually just an image (of my webpage) and use NOINDEX NOFOLLOW in the code so no one can stumble on the link. I put it in its own folder as well to prevent probs.

      One other thing to consider that I just ran into is if you are doing AB tests with Google Optimizer, the thank you page has to be on the same domain to work correctly. Had to do some tricks as I have and it didnt like that as the thankyoupage is on

      Also, do not name the file thankyou.htm, name it something crytic, again so people cannot 'stumble' on it.
      I have no agenda but to help those in the same situation. This I feel will pay the bills.
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    DLGuard kicks butt. You can use it on ALL of your products and it's well worth the cost. Provides secure, expiring download links after Paypal payment and you can determine how long they have access to the link and how many tries they get.
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    I would recommend you to use ejunkie

    and refer to this thread to get 91days for FREE!
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