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Hi guys,
I'm new to this so please be kind
I purchased a website a year ago and I forgot my cpanel credentials. The seller does not respond to my emails. I have my domain and access to all my content in word press. I can't pay for my hosting or move my website altogether. I purchased a different host and I can move my domain but what to do with the old host, will be considered double websites?
Please advice
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    If I may ask, did you buy the hosting from a reseller or from a hosting company because you can request for new login details if you buy directly from the hosting company.
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    Is this an individual that sold you the hosting that is now not answering your emails?

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    It was a reseller... the hosting company does not want to help me even if I prove them that I own the domain and that I have paypal statement from when I payed for hosting...
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    If he does not respond back to you, I would not re-register that domain name and get a new one.

    You are paying for his service, you will know not to use his service again.

    But, if he does not own that company where you are hosting your domain name, I would email the company and not the "affiliate".
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    I already talked to that company and they don't want to help... I have access to wordpress and I can empty the website if I want to and move it to my new host piece by piece... The domain name is own by me only the original host is not setup by me... Can I take down the website from wordpress?
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    First, never register domain with hosting, I mean the same company. Preferable to buy from name registrar like Namecheap and hosting with Bluehost or others.

    If you have Access for the WordPress, go for full backup. In case the hosting is disable your hosting acc, you can make copy the backup to your new hosting company. Just make sure the nameserver is change in the domain registrar.

    Lastly: give bad review in hosting review website so that other will be aware bout this hosting company.
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    You said you own the domain, so this is easy then. You don't need access to your old host's cpanel for any of this. You backup your wordpress site through a backup plugin (if it's not a huge site WP Clone should work). You buy new hosting. You switch the dns for the domain to the new hosting. You restore your site on the new hosting. Once the dns is switched (which can take anywhere from minutes to a couple days) the old host will have nothing to do with your website any longer.
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    Now you can your domain and hostine move and your need new domain and hostine and website.
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    It wont double as you change you DNS after you move to new hosting. Back your wordpress and then restore it, simple.
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    Thank you for all your advises guys
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