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by Michael Dominic 4 replies
I am hoping to create a thread to get people's minds going. I want this
thread to be constantly contributed to... like "word association" threads
you see in other forums.

Rule of This Thread: Contribute any kind of marketing idea, advertising
method, etc... It doesn't even have to be good! Post it even if you
think it's stupid. We won't judge you, only the idea!

Bring in your own ideas, existing ideas, new ideas, other people's ideas,
ideas you have never tried before... ANY idea. Post a variation of a
previously posted idea.

Remember, the post doesn't have to be about internet marketing. Post
ideas about offline marketing too like business cards, direct mail, street
signs, or magazine ads.

Who's going to be the first person?!
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    OK, I'll be first -- just because something is fresh on my mind.

    The tip is simple. It's common sense. And yet I just saw a major newspaper get an "F" on this:

    Tip: Shore up your sales leaks... and make it EASY for your customer to order.

    Mind-numbingly stupid tip, right? Like even a third grader doing IM should know to make it easy. But people get too close to their projects and make things more complicated than they need to be.

    Case in point...

    I went to a major newspaper's homepage to see their subscription and home delivery options. Clicked on "get home delivery" ...

    And was taken to a full page (unrelated) ad instead.

    Now, this newspaper inserts these sorts of ads from time to time when you click on articles. You need to click a "skip ad" button to get to the article you wanted to read. That's fine.

    But it's NOT a good idea to put an ad between the person sitting their with a credit card in their hand and the subscription page. Tsk, tsk.


    p.s. I often see people with AdSense ads on their sales pages. Also a bad idea.
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    I used to stand on the side of the street with very large signs to promote some of my websites. Now I just hire someone to do it. I believe it can be an effective way of promoting something, especially if the target buyer is a driver.
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