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Hows it going. I have an idea, I think could work. I want to apply the MLM business model, to a locale-based Streetwear Apparel brand I am developing. I do all of the designs and am not short on ideas, but feel as if I can grow it faster with a network marketing aspect.

Basically, I would have a backend with all the MLM bells and whistles. And would actively recruit inner-city junior/university college students, and unemployed people in general with a unique business opportunity. I don't want to sell pills, magic solutions, digital products(yet hehehe), and other typical MLM bruhaha.

- What are some barriers when creating a MLM business?
- How do you "SELL" the idea?
- Am I in over my head?
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    My opinion would be to take that money and use it to make money another way. I'm not saying it would never work, but I just ran it by my nephew who's in university, and he didn't think it would fly.
    hope this helps

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