I have average 350 users daily on my website.

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I have average 350 organic users daily on my website. My niche is mobile development tutorials and programming tutorials. But Adsense is giving me just 0.3 dollars daily. Which you know . . . . . . . ,!
I don't know what to say here.

Kindly tell me what are the options here to earn more using some other techniques.

If you were on my side what you will do with such website which have daily 350 users and .3 dollar daily .

Thanks in advance
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    It'll be hard to monetize that industry with Adsense. I'd usually suggest affiliate programs, but I'm unfamiliar with mobile development in general -- are there software suites or anything of that nature with affiliate programs?

    If not, I'd work on developing a crash course that would appeal to your market. A video series, or even something more simple like a short set of cheat sheets or something of that nature.

    Even something simple at $9.99 a pop could generate a bit of revenue if it's fine tuned to address the problems faced by your readers. Obviously a bit of market research / surveying would be in order before deciding on something.

    Edit: Not to mention upsell opportunities that can make more money from those quick sales.
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    What is the domain extension of your website, .pk?

    Coming soon!

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      Originally Posted by Pdomain View Post

      What is the domain extension of your website, .pk?
      No it's .com

      Founder of The Master World

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        Originally Posted by engineerz1 View Post

        No it's .com

        OK, you should consider the above recommendations.

        If you are too lazy to such things then you can do one thing. That is go to ClickBank and find products based on incoming searches you are getting and just mix with your content that should look natural.

        I think, ClickBank has a lot of technology, mobile related products.

        Coming soon!

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    Start charging money for your more advanced programming tutorials. If they are good, people will pay money for it. Alternatively, you could try and convert your lessons for Udemey courses. That would give you a good additional income. Christina
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  • Just like uce said - it's great idea.
    Next write a book with "all in one" awesome tutorials.
    ...and start building your email list ;-)

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    While I explored mobile apps and offerings... there is a lot you can do, or offer through affiliate networks.

    I'm not sure if you have to be a 'paid user' to become an affiliate to "Brick and Mobile" but Kevin Z - has some high end mobile products and offerings... he has an entire "mobile eco-system" for like $5,000 - so it wouldn't hurt to look into his stuff.

    I bought Zapable's mobile app creator last year and Chris Fox has an affiliate program I believe through JVzoo.

    Great Steals offers low-cost mobile related affiliate products and services, you'll have to search through the site to find them.

    An older Warrior WillR used to offer a ton of mobile marketing packages geared towards selling apps and mobile ready services to offline businesses, so look through the forum here for his stuff as well.

    Even if only to get ideas, you could always re-invent new ideas from what worked successfully for others in the past, as some of the suggestions I mentioned may be a bit dated.

    I just let go of a sweet .com domain name geared towards mobile apps, and waiting to see if I can scoop it back up later, as GoDaddy wanted $80 to reinstate it, and I refused to pay that much for an empty domain.

    Either way, good luck!

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    Turn part of your site into a membership site, provide advance tutorials for premium members.
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