Steps to Safeguard your Commissions

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Hello Warriors,

You may be a successful marketer already and not even know IT

FACT: If you are using a public cloaker service, you may be doomed!

Think about it. What benefit are these services gaining from offering you their free cloak tool. The hopes for a few clicks, from adsense that some slap on the page? Don't make me laugh. Most people who use a cloaker service are there for one thing, and that is to cloak a link. Just ask yourself how many times you have clicked on an adsense link.

Many of these services are earning a substantial living by changing your affiliate link to theirs. You may not even notice it, unless your savvy, because they log your IP address, and show your clickbank ID, or CPA link, when you check from your IP address.

Some even have advanced dual systems where they not only log your IP address, but they have a set algorithm of how much traffic to steal from each person. For example: 1 in every 10.

If you keep checking, eventually you can spot them.

What Can you do about it?

Create your own cloaker!

You can purchase a cheap .info domain name, .com or whatever. Something preferably with as few characters as possible. The shorter the url the better. Then all you have to do is set up a wordpress blog and use a wordpress plugin called, "Redirection" it is by John Godley.

You can create as many or as little cloaked links as you want, and they will be redirected easily to your desired page. Thus effectively saving you your commission.

There may be easier ways, and you are welcome to share them, but this is what I personally use.

John M.
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    Hi John,

    I use a wp plugin from maxbloggpress. They have the best clocker, normal clockers/redirects they show the affiliate url after clicking on them and this makes you lose sales anyway, maxbloggpress plugin dose not do that, the link is cloaked all the time.

    So I recommend you check it out. (google)
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