What is the best way to market a web designer job board

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Hi guys. Im new to this forum. I recently started a job board for web designers of all types. It has a great domain name and I can think of a million ways to sell it, but I cant figure out how to get traffic to it. Its called Fierce Boards.What do you think about the site.

Fierce Boards

Can someone give me advice on how I should market it? Should I do SEO, pay for social media to get it recognized, post on classified sites? I dont know. There is a real need for the service but I cant figure out how to get it launched. Can someone point me in the right direction.
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    Social media is the way to go. Try LinkedIn and Facebook advertising.
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    You need to make video advertisement and spread it up on youtube, and embed it on many social medias.

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    Social media is your best choice.

    It's very effective since it reaches a lot of people.
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    Find forums and blogs where web designers hang out, as well as conferences, events, or meet-ups they attend. Let them know about your site and entice them to share it with their colleagues. Do a google search like: web designer + blog, or: web designer + events
    hope this helps

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