Using google adwords keyword tool as a method of finding out competiveness of keywords?

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Hi what do people think about using the google adwords keyword tool as a method of finding out competiveness of keywords for competition for keywords in the search engines?

I look at the indicator that shows competitiveness but I get the impression that this is only showing the competition for adwords only and will not show how competitive the keyword is when just trying to gain higher rankings through the search engines?
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    You are right, the competitive bar only relates to PPC not natural rankings. If you are monetizing through Adsense, higher competition is better as it leads to higher CPC.

    Search for the phrase in "" to get an idea of natural search competitiveness

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    There is no doubt about it, if you want good keyword info you will need good tools.

    I have found Market Samurai to be unbelieveably powerful for this and quite affordable.

    Also, I found this site to be a good review of another tool that is available and also really is a BULLDOZER for keyword research: also quite affordable

    Adwords Keyword Tool - Keyword Research Pro - Keyword Software Helps Find Thousands Of Profitable Niches (not an affiliate link!)

    Without a good affordable keyword bulldozer you might find that you are spending more hours at keyword research than you might like.
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