traffic trend for Fitness is it kinda " standard "??

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Everyone knows Dec and Jan traffic is not bad for those dealing with fitness as people tend want to workout , etc to build a new image for new year.

than slowly towards Feb , March , April traffic for fitness seem drop ...

peak up again perhaps during June? due to summer?

than down again average till dec peak up again?

any thoughts?

those do fitness niche do you noticed May traffic seem weird ..perhaps hard to judge ..since now is just 2nd week of may?
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    Some aspects of the fitness industry, especially over the last few years, are seeing record sales month after month. For example, fitness trackers, smart watches, wearables, home gym equipment, food supplements, etc are booming. The current craze is most likely coincidentally cyclical with the approaching Olympics, and we expect to see a typical slowdown beginning shortly after the closing ceremonies.
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    A lot of people want to look good for summer and get their bikini bodies and bathing suit bodies into shape. Perhaps getting ready for the summer would be one way to push more traffic in the spring?
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      It's Bridal season! Start promoting Bridal Bootcamps ASAP!

      And yes, Bikini Bootcamps for summer. It's still chilly back here, so target those procrastinators who aren't quite "beach ready" yet.
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    oh , because suddenly my traffic drop to a point always roughly the same ...

    after End of April....

    I thought Beginning of May should be " slightly " better as June which usually " Summer " should have some folks want to look good during summer time
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    Marketing isn't a set it and forget thing. If you have the right marketing hub in place you can use it like a throttle on a car. In the months you're busy save part your marketing budget for when you need to push on the gas and bring more people to the top of your funnel. It's all about keeping that funnel full all the time, then having the right process in place to convert people moving through your system to $. It's not that people don't want to join your gym at the slow times you mention. The problem is you're not advertising to keep that funnel full.
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