How to Determine If a Niche is Profitable?

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How do you determine if a niche is profitable?

If I want to make a product in the chiropractic niche (don't really know what this niche is called) what data or metrics can I find, and where can I find them to determine this is a profitable niche? As an example there is a product on Clickbank currently that sells the formula to correct nasty forward head leans, which is a spinal/neck problem most of the time. How did this products' creators know this was a profitable niche, because at first glance, it wouldn't seem so. Or at least to me, because I do not know how to find the data which suggests otherwise.

This is question that can be asked across all niches. How can you figure out if the make money online via fiverr niche is profitable?
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    I bet they tried it!

    Work smart, work hard, never give up. Learn with me here:

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    I use alexa from amazon. For example, warrior forum has dropped from #997 in July 2015 to #3142 just now. That is a dramatic drop in the alexa score. It tells me that we currently have a lot less viewers.

    Always look for a new niche that is gaining. For example quad copters or drones are increasing in viewers. Where as black berry cell phones are decreasing and will be gone soon. Creating a web site to sell drones is a great idea, and you have an excellent chance of success. However, do not try to sell items that are passe. Otherwise, you will find them gathering dust in a far away corner. If need be - cut prices. Make sure your items move. Warehousing products means that you will not survive.

    Remember the adage - a fast nickel beats a slow dime every time!
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    Sometimes you need to try several different things before you discover the right niche for you. That's what I did anyways, several years ago. Ultimately I fell into the free money making niche and I've been with it ever since.

    Don't be scared to try a few different things. Whenever possible, try to pick niches that interest you and those that you already have some knowledge about.

    Good luck.
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    here is my little secret to making my first $1800 USD online.

    1) find out if they have lots of FORUMS online, as in the ones that get lots of traffic.

    [this means they are passionate and dominant niche]

    2) study the forum, and even use BANNER ADS to help you get traffic from the forum.

    Blogs and forums have lots of traffic, and easy way to tell how passionate the people in your niche are.
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      Originally Posted by celente View Post

      here is my little secret to making my first $1800 USD online.

      1) find out if they have lots of FORUMS online, as in the ones that get lots of traffic.

      [this means they are passionate and dominant niche]
      Bingo !! And look at some of the questions and see if they are asking "buyers" Questions in these Forums. i.e. how do you cure my lower back pain, how to pick up 50+ age women etc..etc..

      - Robert Andrew
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    Use the Google Keyword planner for the keywords of your niche, then include the word "buy" before it. This should give you the monthly search count. This will show you how many people want to buy that product.
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    To determine a nice is profitable or not?

    1. Go to google and search for keyword related to niche if you find ads on google except organic results its mean this niche is profitable and people are promoting through google adwords mean to say they are making money and has a huge competition.

    2. Go to and search for keyword related to your niche if you again find products on amazon related to your niche its a second indication that this niche is profitable and people are promoting and making money with this niche.

    3. Same thing you can do with Ebay. Just go to and do the same process as said above.

    4. Go go and find if there any digital products there related to your niche, this again a indication that niche is profitable because people are selling digital products there.

    5. Go to google keyword planner and type your keyword related to your niche and if you find great volume I mean more people searching 2000-3000 monthly search is better if its more than niche is highly profitable.

    6. Also find out if there are blogs, directories, forums online related to your niche, then this mean the niche is profitable.

    7. Lastly you can go to supermarket or online you go to to find if there are magazines related to your niche whether its a hard magazine or ebook etc. then again this is a clear cut indication that this niche is really highly profitable.

    Hope this will help you to find profitable niche.


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    Enter your keywords in like this [niche keyword] that way Google displays the exact amount of people searching for that keyword every month. If you don't put the keywords in brackets it will not bring up accurate results.
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    Read celente and pankja posts. Go out there and do it. That's it.
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    Hi Nicolasmd

    Profitability is a relative term. Factory you need to consider

    - How big is the niche ( How many sub niches are possible ) and how people or end users are sensitized , e.g. health fitness , making money only , and relationship are three big niches , however there are several small niches. at the same time. many a time people realize some of the sub niches can be pretty much saturated , but still there remains a scope to monetize

    - Competition in that niche , ( as I spoke about saturation, even though saturation is there,users of these niches are looking for solutions to their problems. so you need to come up with a valuable solution, then you will sell well. having said that I will also highlight the fact that do an estimation of your efforts... profit = final outcome ( sales ) - efforts

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    You can very well look on social media and especially on Facebook for Pages and Groups and get an idea of what people are looking for, how the interact, what their pains are (pun intended) and so on.

    You can also start creating some audiences and cross some interests and find out more about your target audience. Age groups, sex, even jobs, family status, new mothers (I have a vague idea that they could be a potential sub-niche after googling a bit).

    Instagram and Pinterest could potentially be a good place to search as well.
    However, as mentioned before, a good place to check the profitability of a niche is Amazon. One of boss's favorite tools is Brad Callen's AK Elite.

    There are some features that we use the most.

    The first feature is the book niche selection tool. This is a great little tool that will help you find profitable niches based on a simple keyword search.

    You can search for a keyword (chiropractor) and it will gather data from Amazon, but just so you understand exactly what is going on, the tool is taking the search phrase you entered and literally going to Amazon and there it does a search in the Kindle Store for "chiropractor".

    What it's returning are a complete set of keywords from the "Amazon suggest feature" and then it returns it in order based on the popularity rank.

    The software is also returning how many books are written if you search for that specific keyword, which is really useful as it gives you a good idea of the competition.

    What it also does is it a pins each letter of the alphabet to your original search query and returns the words that Amazon suggest for that letter. So if you did a search for "chiropractor" with the letter "A" afterwards you would get more and different results, and it does this for the entire alphabet where Amazon returns suggested results. (you can do this manually too btw, using Amazon's search box but it will take way longer)

    There is also the average daily earnings which is a really neat little feature. What happens here is that AK Elite uses its proprietary algorithm to average approximately how much you would make per day daily if you managed to get to rank for this particular keyword.

    You can see how much the best sellers are earning and make an educated guess if your niche is something you're willing to invest in.

    You can't rely on these results to be 100% accurate, but generally they are a pretty reliable indication of the earning potential for a particular keyword.

    Another nice feature is the the competitor analysis tool. You can even see whether the reviewers are from verified purchased reviews or not and check out all the other reviews.

    This is really useful since it allows you to see what people think the book is lacking and what they like about it, and if you are writing a similar book or choose an affiliate product to promote, that information is highly useful.

    AK Elite does cost a bit of money though but I wanted to give you an idea of how you could use Amazon to find niches that sell and how to actually do it.

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    when you read the sales page you feel like buying it ? are you excited to buy it ?
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    google keyword planner
    paid ads on google (adWords)

    search data by using them
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    google keyword planner
    open site explorer
    Google search: amount of search results and amount of high ranking authority websites
    And some other i'd like to keep secret
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    if you put in your keyword at Google,Amazon, e-bay etc and find out that there is a lot of stuff related that has been put up for sale than that means that it is a profitable niche hence so many related marketers.
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    Hey, you can use google keyword planner to search the terms of your niche and check the search volume for that term.
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    Lots of good info here, but one biggie seems to be missing.

    Finding a profitable niche market is one thing. Finding one that you can profit from may be something else.

    Once you've determined that people are indeed both interested in and capable of spending money on niche products/services, you need to ask - can you reach those people with a profitable offer, and do it effectively?
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    Every Niche is Profitable, You Just Need To Find A Way To Make It Work.
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    Just emphasis on niche that has reasonable search volume with great conversion rate. never forget to Search by selecting your targeted country. Thanks
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    Go into a niche that you are passionate about. Make it profitable.
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    If the niche has its own magazine, forums, community and COMPETITORS. Then by all means go for it.

    More competitor means that there's more money to be made. All the best.
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    Yes, you can try Alexa or Google Keyword Planner. Let me ask: is this niche something you're passionate about? I mean, you have to be into it not for the sole purpose that it's a money-making niche... Remember: Passion drives you to go further and work harder without regrets.

    Also, it's best if you concentrate on different niches! But you can always start with the chiropractic niche...

    Best of luck!
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