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Hello everyone,

I'm sure this forum is a great resource for people that already know what they are doing, however, speaking for myself, I think a beginner's section would make sense as to not cloud up the "Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum". I have received advice such as "Don't worry too much about building lists" and I can guarantee you I'm not. I wouldn't even know what the list is for.

I have come across what is called fiver arbitraging. You find someone who needs a product or service and charge them a higher rate than what it would cost you to buy. My questions are:

1. Do you have the service performed/send the product first and then get paid, or do you get paid first and then have the service performed/send the product? I'm not sure how willing people are to pay stranger's ahead of time over the internet, and am also not sure if payment will be received if the service is already performed or the product sent.

2. Do fiver providers upsell? If they are aware of arbitrage, could/would they find ways to upsell you, potentially to the point that you lose money?

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    Originally Posted by GuitarArvin View Post

    I have received advice such as "Don't worry too much about building lists" and I can guarantee you I'm not. I wouldn't even know what the list is for.
    Arvin, this is exactly the kind of advice you do NOT want to take.

    Is building a list everything?


    But it's pretty damn important if you're trying to sell in a competitive market, especially when your competition is building lists.

    To answer your question of what a list is for...

    That refers to an email list of people who opt-in via some web-form, usually for a free gift of some sort (at least this is what many smart marketers do).

    So, if I want to sell a weight loss product, I would offer a free ebook called 5 "Healthy" Foods That Are Keeping You Fat.

    And all someone has to do to get it, is simply enter their email address into a form and they'll receive it via email.

    Once that happens, they're now on my email list and I can email them regularly to build a relationship and recommend my weight loss product.

    (Just using an example here, I'm not really in the weight loss market.)

    As for Fiverr arbitrage, I have no experience with it so I can't help you with that one.

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    The main forum is where most individuals start here. The people who have been here awhile or no longer would help the new people. The last thing this forum needs is another new section. Have you tried the search button ? Take a looked at every post here about fiverr their is a wealth of information. It has been discussed before and you can find the information. Good luck
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