Anyone know anything about this email provider

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I just got a invitation for this email provider anyone know anything about this company and its email service, its looks interesting to me

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    G`day Sparrow,

    just turned up out of the blue did it? Come on mate ... due
    dilligence means little when you ignore the basics ...

    Scams: "Welcome to FanBox" - How to Cancel / Block

    When 6 out of the top ten results for are to posts like
    above, I`m inclined to think just perhaps it`s something I should avoid :rolleyes:
    ... usually you gotta put "scam" or fraud" or something like that with
    the keyword to pull up any dirt ... didn`t even need to do that to find

    I`d be looking to see which of your contacts is infected Sparrow and
    giving them a friendly heads up.

    Christopher J.
    WSO --> HOMEPAGER <--- WSO
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