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Hello all.
I have Camtasia 3.
Can someone refresh my memory as to how to place a text link in a camtasia video
and also on the web page that the video is produced on?

Or even a link to these particular tutorials

I used to know this but it's been some time since I've practiced the process.

Thanks for any ideas.
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    To place a link in the video you need to use the "callouts" feature. Specifically the "Flash Hot Spots" callout.

    To create a link on the html page you need to edit the .html file after you published the videos. Simply right click on the html file and open it up in notepad and enter the link in the code where you want to link to display.

    This is usually done before or after the main video area so the link is above or below the actual video.
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    Hiya CashTech!

    Jason already answered your question but I figured you might like to have a look at a video tutorial so here ya go
    Call Out Tutorial


    ps I just re-read your post and realized you said you have Cam 3, this link is to a vid for Cam 5. I haven't used earlier versions of Cam Studio so I'm not sure if this will apply to your version or not. Hopefully it will.

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