Seeking a proven PLR eBook Product?

by Wish13
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I'm responsible to manage the setup of a new info product marketing intiative to prove the model and potential ROI to my investors.

They'd like to establish an ROI formula based on the sales of an eBook within any specific niche of my choosing.

They're providing sufficient investment to fund the setup and paid traffic strategy of a pilot program.

For the 60-day trial, they want me to leverage a PLR product rather than create something from scratch.

Would you happen to know of a great PLR product that has proven success/traction within any particular niche? Obviously it needs to have sufficient capacity to scale for sales of around 500 units. Price point of $7-$9.

Appreciate any guidance?
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    Hmm...Something sounds fishy. Why would they want you to leverage a PLR product instead of an original product?
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    A "great" PLR product ebook that has been successful and gained traction....will be over-exposed by the time YOU promote it. It won't be a good product to sell. If that is the criteria for "proof" - they are asking too much in my opinion.

    If you are trying to 'prove" a formula works - at least give yourself a fighting chance to succeed by using a unique ebook.
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    Mentioning by name any proven PLR ebook here on the forum is going to invite all kinds of unneeded competition for you. Wannabe marketers are always looking for the easy path to riches.

    Besides, you can not duplicate someone else's marketing. They may have sold 100 copies. You won't sell 100 copies - you will sell more or less.

    The whole idea of PLR is that you rework, brand, and add value to the "start" that the PLR license has given you. Make the ebook your own and unique to you. You can do that with any PLR ebook.

    So I would suggest you find an ebook in the market that you want, don't tell anyone about it, make it your own, then use it for your marketing test.

    Selling 500 books at $7-$9 is going to be a challenge for you since you're new at marketing. The number of books you sell will have little to do with the quality of the ebook you purchase right out of the gate or the fact that the ebook is "proven." More important is what you make of it - what value you add.

    Of course the most critical thing for your trial will be how you do your marketing. No one is going to read your book before they buy it. You will need to sell 8.3 books per day in order to move 500 books in the next 60 days. You'd better get going right now.


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    If you want a PLR product that is proven to be a success, then it is already taken and people already know it, try to find a new PLR product, remake it, edit it and add some unique content of your own. I also prefer to use PLR products, because creating something from scratch takes a lot of time and effort on your part.
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